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 Project Get Out and Walk


 Project Get Out and Walk is dedicated to the compilation of a comprehensive, illustrated chronicle of assisted aviation escape systems and the people associated with them. To ensure historical accuracy and verify details the author of this site has researched for over three decades  all aspects of aircrew escape from the earliest parachutes and encapsulated systems to ejection seats . Through interviews and correspondence with designers, testers and users of these systems worldwide a unique collection of information has been gathered and is now being made available to all those with an interest in aviation, safety and the perseverance, endurance and dignity of the human spirit. Included on this website are many, never before published, photographs from private collections along with personal memories of those involved.   

Through its development this website will include:

  • a  chronological listing of every known ejection that the author has been able to ascertain

  • articles and recollections specifically written for the project by "those who were there"

  • successful and unsuccessful design concepts

  • early parachute use




This website is intended as a tribute to all those who have dedicated their lives, skills, knowledge and determination in pursuit of the protection and preservation of life in aviation.




Brief Synopsis:


Assisted Aircrew Escape Systems Since 1900 –

A comprehensive, illustrated history of their development and use


Initial Stages:

Ongoing since the early 1980s

The compilation of factual accounts, documents, manuals, patents, publicity materials, reports, photographs, drawings, books, video footage,  film, audio recordings, newspaper clippings, magazine articles, data and anything else  from around the world connected with all aspects of assisted aircrew escape systems, their development and use  – including parachute extraction devices, escape capsules, ejector and ejection seats, specialised adaptions to airframes to “pull, push, persuade pilots and aircrew to safety from the air, the ground, under the water and space”. Mainly concentrating on test and military aircraft ,  including rare and little known systems – successful and not.

Corresponding with: “those who were there”



       for accurate contemporary accounts of the developments, the testing and the use of the systems.  –       persons from  Aero-Industry Companies around the world who developed these systems;


       persons involved with the tests of these systems and sub-systems and the test facilities and equipment including  - test parachutists and “live ejection subjects”;

       pilots and aircrew who used these systems during emergencies in peacetime, conflict and combat;

       aero-medical people who were and are involved with Life Support Sciences and the design and testing of systems and understanding of human tolerance to their safe use




      Army, Air and Naval Air Forces and associated military departments around the world for                permitted  information on :

        the types of assisted aircrew escape systems used past and present

       listings of pilots and aircrews who have ejected with details of these ejections – dates – locations – aircraft involved – notes on the incident

       photographs of the aircraft types equipped with such systems in their national markings –

       training systems and equipment used to assimilate pilots and aircrew with the use of  the systems


Desired Outcomes:


       To share this accumulated information in differing formats including –

       Raising awareness of, and keeping information on, the many different safety systems throughout history including a chronology of the systems and the people who designed, developed tested and used them.–       Writing articles for magazines

    (several appeared in the non-profit making “PROFILE” – the annual safety magazine produced by the RAF at Boscombe Down during the mid 1990s and some of them will be reproduced on this site)

       To compile an accurate ongoing listing of all ejections throughout the world with mini-histories of the event and photographs and memories of aircrew involved where possible. And to update, add to and amend this listing as new information is received.

       To create a website on the Internet that can be regularly updated

       To create  a searchable database

       Authoring a book or books on various aspects of assisted aircrew escape.