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The articles that are indexed below were all written specifically for Project Get Out and Walk. I am indebted to all the people who generously spent time recording their experiences and memories and opened their private collections to provide photographs and produce the articles that follow. The articles remain the intellectual copyright of the individual authors many of who are specialists in their own respective fields and offer a unique insight into the development of assisted aircrew escape systems. Several of the articles were written for the Boscombe Down RAF Safety Magazine PROFILE by this site's author and appear in updated versions taking into account new research and evidence not available at the original time of writing.



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Sweden 1936 - 1996

An article on the development of Swedish Assisted Aircrew Escape Systems concentrating mainly on the contribution of the SaaB Company

Intellectual Mike Bennett 
  In Preparation  
M. L. Aviation   Intellectual Mike Bennett 
Development of the Folland Ejection Seats   Intellectual Mr. Ivor Davies
Russian Assisted Aircrew Escape - a brief History   Intellectual Mike Bennett 
The Vickers' Ejection Seat   Intellectual Mike Bennett 
Early USAAF Ejection Developments   Intellectual Gino Santi, Ralph Lenz & Isadore Rosenberg