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This Project is as much about the people who were involved in the development and use  of assisted aircrew escape systems as much as it is about the systems themselves.

I have been extremely fortunate and acknowledge the assistance extended to me by many  people involved with these systems; designers, manufacturers, test parachutists and test pilots.

To those pilots, aircrew and families of the  aviation fraternity worldwide who have shared their experiences and unique personal insights of using ejection seats, parachute extraction systems and escape capsules I owe a huge debt of gratitude. Without their input this site would be a statistical list lacking the human stories of the systems that in the majority of situations safely returned, and still returns, spouses, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters to their families.

It is with a deep sense of appreciation and respect to the families and relatives of  those who did not survive that I am able to include many of their details.

Many people have freely given their time and shared their own research and materials and introduced me to, or pointed me in, the direction of others to enable the wider history of these systems and their users and to whom I am extremely grateful.

Below, there follows a growing list of everyone who has contributed to this project and should it be that I inadvertently omit any name or organisation I offer my sincere apologies and will rectify the situation as soon as possible. To those who have expressed to remain anonymous for whatever reasons I also extend my appreciation.

draft list - 1000s to add

Individuals will be acknowledged on their own pages and indicated in the Index listing by colour code

Air Forces of the World including A & AEE Boscombe Down


 RAF Valley






 Aero-medical Fraternity of the World


Companies & Associations




 Aerostructures, Hamble

 Aircraft Mechanic Inc.

  All American Industries






 Boulton Paul

 British Aerospace






 Enviromental Tectonics Corps


Fairy Group plc

 Federation Francaise de Parachutiste



 GQ - Irvin


 I.A.M. Farnborough

 I.A.M. Gosport





 LORAL Defense Systems

 Lucas Aerospace


 Marshalls of Cambridge

 Martin-Baker Aircraft Company

 M. L. Aviation


 McDonnell Douglas



 Negretti & Zamba



 Pioneer Parachute


 Red River Valley Association


 SAFE Society


 Stanley Aviation

 Seat Star

 Talley Industries




Vickers Supermarine


Weber Aircraft

 Wright Patterson A.F.B




Archives, Libraries & Museums Adamant Engineering

 Amherst Museum &

 Old Colony Park Museum

 Birmingham University Library

 Buffalo & Eric Country Historic Society

 Coventry City Museum

 Czechoslovak Air Museum


Fleet Air Arm Museum

 French Chamber of Trade

 Greater Manchester Science Museum


Midland Air Museum

 National Aviation Museum, Ottawa


RAF Museum Cosford

 RAF Museum

 Science Museum, London


Publications  Aeroplane

 Air Britain

 Air Clues

 Air Forces Monthly



CANAV books

Flight International


 Helicopter World


 Jet & Prop


Naval Aviation News RAF News

 RN News


USAF Times

 USN Times


Test Ejectees   Sqn Ldr. John Fifield

Jim Hall

Arthur Harrison

 William T. H. Hays


Vince Mazza


Peter Page

Russ Sawyer

Harry Schmoll (YANKEE)

Major T. Willans
Ejectees Wg. Cmdr. Paddy Barthrop

 AVM Sir Harry Broadhurst

Ed Bethel

 Brick Bryson

 Graham Carter

 Sqn. Ldr. Peter Collins

 Cdr. A. de la Billiere



Heinz Frick

 Prf. Dr. Ing. Otto H. Fries

 Flt. Lt. J. P. Hancock

Sqn. Ldr. Gerry Humphries


Bruce MacFarlane

Col. Joe W. Kittinger, USAF

 Otto Klinker

Sqn. Ldr. Jake McLouglin

 Capt. Sno McKee

 Jiri Moutvicka


W. O. Isadore Rosenberg  Sqn. Ldr. John  West RAF
Test Pilots George Aird

 Wg. Cdr. Roly Beaumont

 Heinrich Beauvais

 A. W. "Bill" Bedford

 John Cockburn

 Jimmy Dell

 Jimmy Dell

 Neville Duke

 Joachim Eissermann


John Farley

 Andy Foster

 Adolf Galland

 Alistair "Ben" Gun

Don Knight

Hans Werner Lerche

David Lockspeier

David Morgan


Rudolf Opitz

Wolfgang Spate

John Squier

Sqn. Ldr. R. "Dick" Whittington

Brig. Gen. Charles Yeager

Test Parachutists    Gp. Capt. Peter Hearn      
Historians & Authors  Max Arthur

 Michael Breuninger

 Jack M. Bruce

Robert F. Dorr

 Robert Forsyth

Bill Gunston

 Mike Hood

 Peter Lake

 Frank Mason

Henry Matthews
visit his sites by following the links below

HPM Publications
Historians of Experimental Aviation and Space Flight

World X-Planes Magazine

 Larry Milberry


 Wayne Mutza

 Walter Schick  
Designers, Engineers, Test Pilots, Aero-medical  & involved service and other personnel  E. Richard Atkins

Gordon Cress

 Ivan Borecky

 Baptiste Bourdes

 Ivor Davies

 Dorothy Dawson

 Rudy Delgado

 Charles Dempsey

 Frank Dial

 Maggie Dingwall

 AVM Tony Dudgeon

 Captain Dudgeon

 Paul Dugan

 Donald B. Doolittle

 Gordan Evans


  Dr. John Fozard

 H. Frhr von Friesen

  Dick Frost

 Wg. Cdr. P. Hancock

 Gabby Hayes

 Arthur Hinkley

 Sarah Holt

 Mike Hood

 David Hopper

 Cdr. David Howard

 Richard Howells

 Gordon Hodson

 Gordon Hudson

 Mike Grost


Theodore Knacke

Bill Kuntz

 Ralph Lenz

 Maurice Malloy

 Miloslav Marek

 Frank Mason

 Anthony Mastriana

 Bill McGloin

 Mick McGuire

 George H. Miles

 Brian Miller

 Gordan Miller

 H. F. Morhlock


 Paul Morrison

 Dip. ec Cazacu Nicolae


Gino Santi Wg. Cdr. Derek Collier-Webb
Aero-medical Gp. Cpt. Tony Barwood von Gierke Shaun Marshall Dr. David Reader Dr. Dougal Watson
Individuals John Adams

 Jan Alhgren

 David Allport

  Peter Amos

 Max Arthur

 C. M. Bacon

 Fred Ballam

 Richard Bateson

 Peter Benham

 Vernon Benning

 Jeanni Benton

 Arthur Bentley

 Frank Bevan

 Heinz Birkholz

 Gary Bishop

 Richard Bock

 Carl Bong

 Krzystof Borkowski

 Des Bowles

 Chaz Bowyer

 Michael Breuninger

 Michael Brevil

 Edgar Brookes

 Jack Bruce

 Christian Brydges

  Fred Broster

 Duke Brown

 J. M. Bruce

 Don Buchanan

 Dieter Buss

 Mick Cameron

 Ian Campion

 Terry Campion

 Alf Card

 Bobby Carl

 Ray Carson

 Phil Cartwright

 Jack Chambers

 Richard Chandler

 Ira Chart

 Stan Chisman

 Vic Copson

 Daryl Cott

 Kevin Coyne

 Bill Craigie

 Phil Crawshaw

 Mike Davey

 Kerry Dell

 Nancy Doubleday

 Lt. Cdr. Bob Edwards

 Stan Ekedahl


Gene Fines

 Dave Forman

 Robert Forsyth

 Mark Franks

 Robert Frizzle

 A. H. Fraser-Mitchell

 John Fricker

 Andrew Grainger

 John Grainger

 George Green

 Alan Hall

 Gerry Hall

 Ray Handley

 Dennis Hartley

 Barry Hays

 V. C. Hibbert

 Dick Higgins

 Ed Hoffman

 Stewart Holder

  Del Holyland

 Mike Hood

 Stan Hubbard

 W. Hulme

 Ian Huntley

 Barry James

 Derek James

 Ed James

 Phil Jarrett

 Mr. Jiang

 Jin Changfa

 AVM. Johnny Johnson

 David Jones (A&AEE)

 David Jones

 Don Jorgenson

 Stojan Jovic


Andrew Kemp

 James Kightly 

 Prof. J. H. Kitchens III

 David Klaus

 Manfred Knopp

 Jim Mahler

 Terry Marriot

 Frank Mason

 Nora May

 Albert McAndrew

 Jim Meads

 T. G. Melchers

 Dr. Sergey V Mikheyev

 Jay Miller

 Col. John Miller

 Johannes Mohn

  Kurt Mohr

 Collin Morris

 Bruce Mummery

 Frank Murphy

 Bill Neal

  Brian Nicklas

 Mike Norton

 Sigrid O'Dell

 Michael A. Ogg

 Georg Olsonn

 Rudolf Opitz

 Leo Opdyke

 Ed Osborne

 Olly Owen


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