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Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
6th January 1993 CIS AF Su-25 Frogfoot     crashed in Abkhazia province Pilot ejected   K-36
18th January 1993 USN F-14A Tomcat 162707/161/AD VF‑101
Key West
Crashed during ACM training near Key West, Florida Lt. Cdr. K. B. Menz ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. JG T. J. Hooper ejected   Martin-Baker
19th January 1993
German AF
Tornado 44+99 JBG34 crashed in in open field near Ansbach, Bavaria Capt. Rudolph ejected   Martin-Baker
Capt. Brosch ejected   Martin-Baker
25th January 1993 USN F-14A Tomcat 162590
NAS Miramar, CA. USA
crashed onto landfill area 1&3/4miles south west of runway at NAS Mirimar,
Lt. P. Hooper ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. C. R. Dickerson ejected   Martin-Baker
28th January 1993 Venezuelan AF OV-10A Bronco FAV-2865 Grupo Aereo de Op Especiales 15 crashed into a
lake at Maracaibo due to hydraulic failure
Sole crewmember ejected
30th January 1993 Byelorussian AG MiG-23 Flogger     Brake parachute deployed unexpectedly at 400ft while
preparing to land at Machulinschchi air base near Minsk
Pilot ejected and was reported to have landed safely even though his parachute
only fully opened 6ft. above the ground


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
5th February 1993 French AF Mirage F.1B 515/30-FA EC.3/30 Lorraine Ran off end of runway and crashed when
take-off was aborted
pilot ejected safely at Reims   Martin-Baker
10th February 1993 Dutch AF F-16A J-195 311 Sqn crashed 1km north of Geffen Pilot ejected at 3,000ft and was uninjured   ACES II
12th February 1993 France Etendard       Afonso   Martin-Baker
17th February 1993
RF-4C Phantom 64-1034
106th RS       Martin-Baker
M.Wells D. Leatherwood Martin-Baker
19th February 1993
F-16A 83-1102
Texas ANG/ 182nd FS 70 miles
south of San Antonio, Texas.
Pilot ejected   ACES II
23rd February 1993
F-16C 88-0525
347th FW/ 69th FS Crashed into an island in Lake Sinclair Pilot ejected   ACES II
23rd February 1993 Kuwait AF Mirage F.1CK     Undercarriage
failed to lock down.Crashed on landing at Kuwait International Airport
Major Shahab ejected safely   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
4th March 1993 Taiwanese AF F-104G Starfighter   2nd TFW Engine problems. crashed into mountain in Hsinchu county, 38 miles
south of Taipei
Pilot ejected
but he could not immediately be found.
5th March 1993 SAAF Cheetah D   2nd Sqn
Louis Trichardt
Diverted to temporary airfield at UpingtonUndercarriage collapsed in hard landing ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
10th March 1993 Venezuelan AF OV-10E Bronco Grupo Aereo de Operaciones Especiales 15   crashed into
mountain in the Andes
ejected   NAA
ejected   NAA
11th March 1993 Philippine AF Augusta S.211 100 TW/ 103 TS Fernando/Lipa City Exploded in mid-air in Batangas province pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker Mk.10L
student ejected safely
  Martin-Baker Mk.10L
11th March 1993 ?             Martin-Baker
11th March 1993 ?             Martin-Baker
11th March 1993 Chile Mirage       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
14th March 1993 Kenyan Air Force Hawk Mk.52       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
14th March 1993 CIS AF MiG-31 Foxhound     crashed on training flight in Kamchatka region ejected   KM-1
ejected   KM-1
15th March 1993 USAF F-15 Eagle 79‑0027
95th FS/325th FW
Tyndall AFB, FL, USA
crashed into the sea in Gulf of Mexico pilot ejected safely   ACES II
16th March 1993 Swiss AF Hunter F.58  J-4043   engine flamed out near Aumont, Kanton Fribourg pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
19th March 1993
Russian AF Su-25 ??     shot down at  over the village of
Odishi, near Sukhumi, Abkhazia by Georgian air defence forces
Major Vazlav Shipko ejected. Believed killed on ground due to violent treatment   K-36
22nd March 1993 USN A-6E Intruder VA-85 NAS Fallon crashed shortly after take-off FOD. Lt. P. N. Benvenuto ejected safely   Martin-Baker
Lt. D. P. Quigley ejected safely    
23rd March 1993 Switz Hunter       Mr. B. Lehmann   Martin-Baker
30th March 1993 USAF QF-106 Delta Dart 475th WEG   over
the Gulf of Mexico 40 miles south of Tyndall AFB, Florid
Pilot ejected   Convair
31st March 1993 French AF Mirage F.1C 217/30-MO EC.2/30 Normandie-Niemen crashed near Charlesville
CNE Despres ejected safely   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat

6th April 1993

Mirage 50EV FAV-2056 Grupo Aereo 11 near Turagua (about 10 miles out of BAEL) due a vulture crash on the windshield and engine ingestion. May. Martin "FENIX" Lon Blanco ejected Martin-Baker Martin-Baker
10th April 1993 RJAF Casa 101     Training Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
12th April 1993 FrAF Mirage       Lt. Vincotte   Martin-Baker
13th April 1993 Romanian AF MiG-21 Fishbed     collided with MiG-21UM Mongol B near Caracal airport at Devesalu, 100 miles west of Bucharest Pilot ejected
(but from which aircraft???)
13th April 1993 USN F-14D[R]Tomcat 161154
VF-11 NAS Miramar, California engine failure crashed into the Pacific
Ocean near San Clemente
Lt. (jg) R. Gourley   NACES
Lt. J. Jacober   NACES
15th April 1993 USN A-6E Intruder  


collided with crop spraying aircraft seven miles west of Steptoe, Whiteman County - crashed 50 miles south of Spokane, Washington Lt. D. E. Dugan ejected sustained injuries   Martin-Baker
Ex. Off. J. W. Jacobs ejected sustained injuries   Martin-Baker
21st April 1993
F-16A-10-CG 80-0495

also seen as

Michigan ANG 107thFS
Engine surge or flame-out on take off from Selfridge ANGB Pilot ejected


23rd April 1993 SAAF Impala 1   8 Sqn Control problems
Crashed at Bloemfontain
Capt. J. A. C. Von   Martin-Baker
Lt. S.L. Rennie   Martin-Baker
26th April 1993
F-16C 85‑1492
432nd FW Misawa base,
southern Seoul
crashed, nr Osan, South Korea in an unpopulated area Pilot ejected safely   ACES II
29th April 1993 USN F-14A Tomcat 161606 VF-21/ CVW-5
USS Independence
crashed into the Pacific Ocean about 94nm south east of
NAS, southeatern Japan
Lt. Cdr. S.Alexander   Martin-Baker
Lt. K. Henderson   Martin-Baker
29th April 1993 ?             Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
3rd May 1993 Pakistan Mirage       Flt. Lt. S. M. Ali   Martin-Baker
3rd May 1993 Greece Mirage       2.Lt. S. Arvanitakis   Martin-Baker
6th May 1993 Italian AF F-104S Starfighter MM6869/4-3 4o Stormo
crashed on take off from Grosseto Pilot ejected but was killed   Martin-Baker
7th May 1993 SAAF Impala 1 537 85 Combat Flying School Hoedspruit engine bearing failure 6 miles north of the town of Nelspruit Lt. L. A. Boxall ejected   Martin-Baker
12th May 1993 USMC AV-8B 164125
VMA_271 engine failure crashed northeast of Yuma, Arizona Pilot ejected  at low‑level safely   Stencel
18th May 1993
F-16C 89-2069
343rd Wing/18th FS
422nd TES/57th FW
crashed near Eielson AFB, Alaska Pilot ejected safely   ACES II
CONFUSED 18may93 87‑0269            F‑16C   WA bky   , 40 M NE of Las Vegas, NV. USA, pilot    ejected safely
19th May 1993 Yugoslav AF MiG-21 Fishbed     Mechanical problems. crashed near a rubber factory, near Zrenjanin Pilot ejected safely.   KM-1
25th May 1993 USN F/A-18C Hornet   NAS Leemore  lost during a sortie crashed near Lone Pine, California Lt. Skaran ejected   Martin-Baker
24th May 1993
F-16C 90-0832 Lockheed crashed at Mineral Wells, Texas Lockheed Test Pilot Joe Bill Dryden  ejected at 680ft - did not separate from seat ACES II
27th May 1993 USMC F/A‑18C   VFA‑151 Control Lost. Crashed  Lone Pine, CA, USA Pilot ejected safely.   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
4th June 1993 Swedish AF J-35 Draken   F10
Crashed into Kattegat Sound off Torekov, off southern Sweden Pilot ejected and was picked up
by a fisherman but declared dead upon arriving at hospital
4th June 1993 Polish AF Su-22M-4 Fitter-K   Ptila engine failure on take-off Pilot ejected safely   KM-1
4th June 1993   F‑14A 158981
ND 201
  into Pacific 125 M SW of San Diego     Martin-Baker
pilot  ejected safely   Martin-Baker
4th June 1993 USN F-14A Tomcat VF-302 VF‑302
NAS Miramar
crashed into the Pacifc Ocean 120 miles west of San Diego, CA, USA,     Martin-Baker
Lt. Cdr. S. M. Dunwoody Ejected RIO missing Martin-Baker
10th June 1993 FrAF Alphajet       CNE P. Lalois   Martin-Baker
CNE P. Shisha   Martin-Baker
12th June 1993
F-15 A 77-0117 Louisiana ANG/122ndFS
NAS New Orleans, LA, USA,
crashed 30 miles east of New Orleans NAS pilot ejected 12jun93               77‑0117   F‑15A   122nd FS LA ANG, 30 M E of  pilot ejected safely ACES II
14th June 1993           pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
17th June 1993
EA-6B Prowler              162937    CY VMAQ-2
MCAS Cherry
Caught fire. Crashed on take-off at MCAS Cherry
Point, North Carolina
1st Lt. B. Close   Martin-Baker
Capt. K. T. McQuade   Martin-Baker
Capt. P. F.
Skopowski ejected
??????   Martin-Baker
20th June 1993

T-38A 68-8095
4th Wing/ 344th ARS
NAS Dallas, TX, USA
Bird Strike. Crashed on take-off in San Antonio, Texas 344th ARS crewmember ejected


911st ARS crewmember ejected   Northrop
22nd June 1993
F/A‑18A Hornet 162441
MAG 42, Det. A, 4th MAW, Jacksonville, FL Dual engine failure during ACM Crashed KofA ["King of Arizona"] Game Refuge, Yuma, AZ, USA

Major William Rich ejected but died later

23rd June 1993 Belgian AF F-16 FB-11 FAB Flight Test Centre crashed near Marche-en-Famenne in the Belgian Ardennes ejected   ACES II
ejected   ACES II
23rd June 1993
F-16B 82-1042
Illinois ANG
182nd FG
170th FS

Peoria, IL, USA,
Collided with F-16A 82-0916 which landed safely ejected - minor injuries   ACES II
ejected - minor injuries   ACES II
25th June 1993 USN TA-4J Skyhawk II   VT-22
NAS Corpus Christi, TX, USA
crashed half a mile short of the runway at Corpus Christi NAS,
ejected safely   Escapac
ejected safely   Escapac
26th June 1993
RAF Harrier GR7 ZD430/AO 3 Sqn Possible birdstrike caused fuel leak and fire. Crashed onto farmland between Hecklington and Burton
Flg. Off. Auckland ejected   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
1st July 1993 RAF Hawk T1 XX163/PH CFS
RAF Valley, Anglesey
Hard landing - aircraft fire Flt. Lt. Roberts   Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. Day   Martin-Baker
4th July 1993
Georgian AF Su-25 Frogfoot     SAM by Abkhaz air
defence forces at Nizhhynyaya Eshera, Abkhazia
Pilot ejected into the sea - body later recovered   K-36
4th July 1993 Polish AF Su-22M4K   6th PLMB
Pila AB
Engine problems pilot ejected safely at 200kt., 60ft   K-36
6th July 1993 Swedish AF Vampire       Mr. C. Andskar    Martin-Baker
6th July 1993

T‑38A 70‑1588 64th FTW bird strike. Crashed near Lubbock, TX, USA,     Northrop
ejected safely ejected safely Northrop
8th July 1993 ??         ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
9th July 1993 Malaysian AF A-4PTM Skyhawk   Kuantan air base crashed in a Felda settlement in Panchin Timur Pilot ejected
14th 0r 15th July 1993 Polish AF Su-20R Fitter C 6252 c/n 35270 7th PLBR
malfunction. Crashed near Wlzesnia
Pilot ejected safely   K-36
15th July 1993 Greek AF F-16C     crashed into the Aegean Sea off Skiros island Pilot
ejected safely
20th July 1993 USN F-14A Tomcat 159843 NH 111 VF 213
USS Abraham Lincoln
In Indian Ocean


Lt. R. D. Fuller   Martin-Baker
22nd July 1993 Azeri AF MiG-21 Fishbed     shot down by Karabakh air defence between Agdam and Martuni Pilot
ejected safely
24th July 1993
Russian AF
MiG-29 Fulcrum 526, c/n 25887   collided in mid-air at IAT
Pilot ejected   K-36
24th July 1993
Russian AF
MiG-29 Fulcrum 925, c/n 15564   collided in mid-air at IAT
Pilot ejected   K-36
27th July 1993
F-16C   8th FW
Kunsan AB, South Korea
Landing F-16 collided on the runway with taking off F-16 Pilot of landing aircraft ejected   ACES II
27th July 1993 DASA/Rockwell Ranger 2000 D-FANB DASA/Rockwell
Manching flight test
crashed near Dollnstein, Germany Test Pilot Frank Birt ejected, sustained injuried. Died six days later    


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
8th August 1993
Swedish AF
JAS 39 Gripen 39-102 SAAB FIRST SWEDISH JAS 39 GRIPEN IN SERVICE  LOSTcontrol problems during a flypast over Stockholm Lars Radestrom ejected Martin-Baker
Radestrom Via SAAB
9th August 1993 Dutch AF F-16A J-645 306 Sqn Volkel, probably due to a birdstrike Pilot ejected landed on the runway with minor injuries   ACES II
11th August 1993
 F-16C 86-0343
52nd FW/23rd FS Crashed 40 miles north west of Zadar , into Adriatic Sea off former Yugoslavia while
returning to Aviano, Italy
Pilot ejected over Adriatic Sea   ACES II
22nd August 1993
Cessna T-37     crashed at Grand Junction, Colorado      
27th August 1993
F-16A 82‑0990 Vermont ANG/134th FS Engine failure. Ran off the end of the runway at Cape May County
Airport, New Jersey, l
anding and exploded in trees, pilot    ejected safely
Pilot ejected safely   ACES II
30th August 1993
Russian AF
MiG-29UB   from Tushovskaya crashed near Krasnodar, southern Russia Russian instructor ejected   K-36
Hungarian AF pilot ejected   K-36
30th August 1993 ?             Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
7th September 1993 Belgian AF F-16A FA-64 10 Wing/31 Sqn

Souda air base
23 Sqn was on an exchange visit to 340 Mira

crashed near Neochorian, Greece The pilot, a B Flight instructor assigned to 23 Sqn ejected safely   ACES II
7th September 1993
Italian A. F.
AMX MM7136/51-44 51o Stormo
103o Gruppo
crashed near Florence pilot ejected during low level flight   Martin-Baker
8th September 1993 USN A-6E Intruder NH VA‑95 Mid-Air collision  Persian Gulf 37 M E of Kuwait, LtJg S. Gaze

Capt. A. Baur

Lt. P. C Gillis

Lt. D. Fitzgerald


8th September 1993 USN A-6E Intruder NH VA‑95   Martin-Baker
9th September 1993 Egyptian AF F-16B     crashed in a field at Abu Sweir, 75 miles northeast of Cairo Egyptian pilot   ACES II
civilian technician   ACES II
11th September 1993
F-16C 81-0779/IL Illinois ANG/169th FS engine failure
Nellis Ranges
Pilot ejected safely  


   81‑0779            F‑16A   IL   169th FS IL ANG, W of Union, MO, USA, engine failure, pilot    ejected safely

12th September 1993
T-38A  70-1587 71st FTW/25thFTS
Randolph AFB, Texas.
engine failure
near Enid,
near Vance AFB, Oklahoma
13th September 1993 USN F-14B Tomcat 161601
AA 214
NAS Oceana, Virginia
40 miles northeast of Cape Hatteras VA, USA,     Martin-Baker
Lt. C. M. Ortega ejected Lt. T. M. Schrantz ejected Martin-Baker
th September 1993 Greek AF Mirage           Martin-Baker
15th September 1993
Russian AF
MiG-29 Fulcrum     Engine failure. Crashed in a field near Tetschendorf, Wittstock district, Eastern
pilot ejected safely
at 1,500ft.
15th September 1993 NO FURTHER DETAILS             Martin-Baker
ejected ejected Martin-Baker
16th September 1993 French AF Jaguar E E38/7-PM EC.2/7 crashed near Bar le Duc Lt. 0. Nemes ejected   Martin-Baker
CDT  P. Mimy

CNE V. De Gournay

CHECK CREW Martin-Baker
22nd September 1993
70-2412 27th FW/522nd FS
Cannon AFB, New Mexico,
Major engine fire. Crashed near Melrose bombing range     CAPSULE
Pilot Major R. Kyrouac WSO Capt Gregory Wilson
22nd September 1993 Brazil AF Tucano       Lt. Torres
Major Crispim
Cadet A. M. C. Santos 

not clear who was in which aircraft

22nd September 1993 Brazil AF Tucano         Martin-Baker
27th September 1993 Pak Mirage       Pilot ejected   Martin-Baker
27th September 1993
F-16C 86-0253/LR AFRes/944th/FG/302nd FS
Luke AFB, Arizona
collided in mid-air during a
routine training mission near Gila Bend. One landed
other pilot ejected   ACES II
27th September 1993
F-16C 363rd FW Shaw AFB, South Carolina Crashed at air base  when fuel problems caused
engine failure on final approach.
Pilot ejected CHECK ACES II
F-16   Hill AFB, Utah crashed at Hill AFB, Utah just after take-off Pilot ejected CHECK ACES II
22nd September 1993
T‑37B 58‑1950 410th BW Crashed Grand Junction, CO, USA      
ejected safely ejected safely  


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
6 October 1993 JASDF F-15DJ 82-8064 202nd Hikoukyoudoutai (Aggressors Squadron). Fuel system problem. Crashed In Hokkaidou, about 20 km south of Tomakomai City, above Pacific Ocean ejected and recovered   ACES II
ejected and recovered   ACES II
2nd October 1993 South African Atlas Impala I 489/5 85 JFS/"Silver Falcons" crashed at Lanseria after structural
pilot initiated ejection sequence half a second before impact, he came out horizontally with fuselage
vertical and due to high downward velovity he was killed
5th October 1993 Royal Danish AF Sk35XD Draken AT-152 of Esk 729   engine failure crashed into the Baltic Sea between
Langeland and Fehmarm Crew rescued by an RDAF Sikorsky S-61A
rear seat pilot, GAF/JBG.38 ejected at 2,000ft   Saab
Dainish Pilot ejected   Saab
7th October 1993 Zimbabwe Air Force Hawk Mk.60   No.2 Sqn    ejected   Martin-Baker
 ejected   Martin-Baker
8th October 1993
F‑16C 91‑0350
52nd FW Ran out of fuel while on delivery flight to Germany. Crashed , 16 M S of Gritfiss AFB, NY, USA pilot ejected safely   ACES II
13th October 1993 RNZAF MB339CB NZ6465 14 Sqn crashed in shallow water near Ranganunu Harbour FIRST DUAL EJECTION IN RNZAF

Plt. Off. Craig Forster [pilot]

AC Stephen Glide
14th October 1993 Pak N.A5       Pilot ejected safely   Martin-Baker
15th October 1993
USMC AV-8B 163421
813   CG
VMA-231 Low-level bird
Engine caught fire. Crashed at Raleigh, North Carolina
Pilot ejected safely   Stencel
15th October 1993 Spain C.101       ejected safely   Martin-Baker
ejected safely   Martin-Baker
21st October 1993 RAF Tornado F3 ZE858/GO 43 Sqn crashed
onto moorland adjacent to the A66 road at Stainmore near Barnard Castle at the border between
Cumbria and County Durham
Flt. Lt. L. Taylor   Martin-Baker
Flt. Lt. S. Walker   Martin-Baker


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
9th November 1993

F-16C 86-0325
Colorado ANG/140th FW/120th FS
Buckley ANGB
Crashed 15
miles northwest of Laramie, Wyoming
Pilot ejected - fractured leg


19th November 1993 USN F-14A 161604
215 AJ
VF-84 in-flight engine fire. crashed near NAS Oceana Lt. J. C. Daus ejected   Martin-Baker
Lt. K. D. Martin ejected   Martin-Baker
22nd November 1993
Indian A. F.
Jaguar IS JS-120   Carried out planned ejection following double hydraulic services Failure and failure of landing gear to come down 12 Km North East of Ambala airfield. Crashed Naraingarh Ambala Dist Pt BO Flg. Off. Puneet Pareek   Martin-Baker
23rd November 1993 RAF Harrier GR.7   Incirlik, Turkey, near Dahuk crashed at Sirsussk, over Iraq's northern "No-Fly" zone. rescued by a USAF helicopter and returned to Incirlik Pilot Sqn. Ldr. J. Fernie ejected sustained minor injuries - parachuting into a
remote mountainous area some 80-100 miles from the Turkish border in freezing conditions
23rd November 1993 SAAF Mirage F.1AZ 234 [?] 1 Sqn at Hoedspruit Crashed into the Atlantic Ocean 50 miles
south south west of Cape Point
Louis Joubert managed to eject in level attituted 330ft., 500kt. Lost presumed drowned
?? November 1993 Indian AF TS-11 Iskra W1751
c/n 3H-1426
Air Force Academy Test flight following overhaul by WZL
Bydgoszcz in Poland
ejected safely ejected safely  


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
3rd December 1993
1050am EST

F-16C 86-0222/VA Virginia ANG/192nd TFG/149th FS runway at Byrd IAP,
Richmond, Virginia
pilot ejected safely   ACES II
13th December 1993
U-2R 68-10339 9th Wing
AFB, California
crashed and exploded in a field 200yds off the runway Pilot ejected, taken to hospital but
pronounced dead 35 minutes after the crash
17th December 1993
F-15A 75‑0054 Louisiana
ANG/159th FG/122nd FS
collided with F-16A 82-0927/FS of Arkansas ANG/188th FG/184th FS over the Atlantic Ocean and crashed into the sea off Brunswick, Georgia. F-16 pilot killed. F-15 pilot ejected safely and was picked up by the Coast


17th December 1993 USMC F/A-18A Hornet 163108
VMFA-115 Collided and crashed  into Pacific off Okinawa, Okinawa, Japan Major J. C. Jumper ejected and picked up safely by the JASDF but the other pilot is missing
17th December 1993 USMC F/A-18A Hornet 163164
VMFA-115   Martin-Baker
21st December 1993 Dutch AF F-16B J-260 TACTESS/323 Sqn
nosewheel collapse, ran off runway after landing ejected safely   ACES II
ejected safely   ACES II
21st December 1993 CIS AF Su-25 Frogfoot   flight training college nr
crashed during a training flight Pilot ejected safely   K-36



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