VPAF Ejections during the SEA Conflict to the present
in chronological order

events of the 10th May 1972 need to be further checked for timing of ejection throughout the day
some reports of losses by the VPAF do not match US information
Considering the admitted losses by the VPAF the number of crew who ejected appears very low - only those ejections specifically admitted by the VPAF have been included - I am certain that there were many more -

If you have any US aircrew reports of a Vietnamese shootdown with a sighted ejection not listed below please contact me.

if anyone can:
add to the list
provide a photograph of a pilot
confirm ejection seat type used

please contact me

Chronological Listing of Vietnamese Ejections
[non ejection losses being added - slowly]
Post SEA Conflict


Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
26th April 1965
MiG-17   921st FR Shot down by F-4 - Yen Bai area

[No US claim]

Hong Nhi ejected    
21st September 1966
      Shot down by an F-105 flown by Lt Karl Richter, east of Kep and north of Haiphong Do Huy Hoang ejected
[first ejection - see also 29th September 1967] - injuries included broken arm
5th November 1966
also seen given as 6th

MiG-21     Shot down by F-4C flown by Capt. James Tuck & John Rabeni Jr.
 366th Tactical Fighter Wing of the 480th Tactical Fighter Squadron.
Pilot ejected
(witnessed by Jim Tuck)
2nd January 1967
MiG-21 ??? 921st FR Shot down over Noi Bai Nguyen Van Coc ejected KM-1 or SK-1
2nd January 1967
MiG-21 ??? 921st FR Shot down over Noi Bai Vu Ngoc Dinh ejected KM-1 or SK-1
6th January 1967
MiG-21 ??? 921st FR Shot down by F-4C from 8TFW Pilot ejected   KM-1 or SK-1
10th August 1967
MiG-21 Fishbed ??? 921st FR Shot down by F-8 from VF-51 using two sidewinder Nguyen Hong Nhi ejected KM-1 or SK-1
29th September 1967
      No US claim Do Huy Hoang ejected
[second ejection - see also 21st September 1966]
26th October 1967
 MiG-21     Shot down
by VF-143
Mai Van Cuong ejected  
26th October 1967   MiG-17     Shot down by 8 TFW      
26th October 1967   MiG-17     Shot down by 8 TFW      
26th October 1967   MiG-17     Shot down by 8 TFW      
19th December 1967
MiG-17     Shot down by 355 TFW, 17 shared by 355 and 8th Nguyen Nhat Chieu ejected  
3rd January 1968
MiG-17 923rd FR   Pilot Ejected Parachute Deployment Observed Nguyen Hong Diep ejected    

.   .   .   interesting web page- I have further info for your VPAF page.

 Jan 3 1968   MIG-17    923rd FR    Shot Down   Nguyen Hong Diep Pilot Ejected Parachute Deployment Observed.
My father Maj Bernard J Bogoslofski was the pilot of the F-4D that shot down this aircraft with his SUU-23 20mm Cannon.
These facts have been cross verified through 8th TFW History page, along with my collection of 1st hand personal artefacts of the event.
I actually have a letter from dad dated Jan 1968 describing the Mig- 17's pilot ejection and an illustration of his  Cross Shaped canopy.
Attached please find a photo of Major Bogoslofski AC, Capt Huskey WSO and crew chiefs displaying their fresh red star
Keep up the good work.
J Chris Bogoslofski

in email 14th March 2008

9th February 1969
MiG-21 ??? 921st FR
Noi Bai
Ran out of fuel  having been forced to divert to Tho Xuan by US fighter attack Pilot ejected   KM-1 or SK-1
16th April 1972
MiG-21     shot down  near Hanoi by  U.S Air Force F4D Phantom II, tail number 550 flown by Dan Cherry Hong    
22nd April 1972
MiG-17     scuttled aircraft before impending missile attack Pilot ejected - witnessed by Jerry Tucker  VF-211 who was on his tail about to launch missile    
10th May 1972
MiG-19 ??? 925th FR La Mount in Tuyen Quang Province. Conflicting reports - ran out if fuel - hit by SAM - damaged in combat Nguyen Hong Son ejected but later died of his injuries K-1
10th May 1972
MiG-17 ??? 923rd FR
Hit by two missiles 15km from Hai Duong Nguyen Hang ejected killed during parachute descent   KK-1
10th May 1972
MiG-17 ??? 923rd FR
missile hit from F-4 Phantom  north west of Tu Ky Nguyen Van Tho ejected   KK-1
12th May 1972
MiG-19   925th FR Noi Bai Pilot ejected    
10th May 1972
MiG-17       Tra Van Kiem    
23rd May 1972
MiG-19 ??? 925th FR Reported as hit by SAM from ADF Nguyen Duc Tiem   K-1
18th or 19th July 1972
MiG-21 ??? 921st FR Hit by AAM from F-4D 13th TFS / 432 TRW  Nguyen Ngoc Thien ejected but badly injured when landed in trees. Died a few days later   SK-1
19th August 1972
MiG-21 ??? Phuc Yen AIM 7 from an F-4 366 TFW Nguyen Thang Duoc    
2nd September 1972
MiG-19   925th FR Missile hit from an F-4 388 TFW Nguyen Van Thuan ejected - died later of injuries    
11th September 1972
MiG-21 ??? 921st FR  Shot down by VMFA-333 Pilot ejected    
11th November 1972
MiG-21U Mongol ???   Hit by missile
No US claim
Soviet Instructor ejected   SK-1
NVAP Student ejected   SK-1
Friday 29th April 2005

3:30pm local time


training aircraft


Vietnam Air Force Academy, Nha Trang engine failure -

in the sea near Hon Tre island in central Vietnam

One pilot ejected - slightly injured

Other a Lt. Col. did not eject - killed - body recovered



12th April 2006
09:00 local

                                        file photo

Believed to have been a mechanical problem during training mission. Crashed central Vietnam province of Binh Dinh, Phuoc Hoa commune of Tuy Phuoc district

reported in the Tien Phong newspaper

Pilot ejected and sustained minor injuries having navigated aircraft away from populated areas FURTHER DETAILS APPRECIATED   KM-1
11th May 2006
09:30 local


see also
12th April 2006
09:00 local

MiG-21U   940 Regiment Caught fire in midair Crashed Nhon Hau village, An Nhon
district in Binh Dinh province 700 km north of Ho Chi Minh City

source: Thanh Nien Daily - Ho Chi Minh city,Vietnam


Pilot ejected KM-1
Student ejected KM-1
11th August 2006

Su 22   937 Regiment
Thanh Son airport, Ninh Thuan.
crashed during a training session into Hon Kho Mountain in Hoa Son Commune in Ninh Son district Pilot ejected   K-36


I would like to Thank Istvan Toperczer for his permission to include material from his researches on the Air Forces of Vietnam

Also :

Dave McNeil for adding further details on Do Huy Hoang's ejection
J Chris Bogoslofski for information confirming ejection of Nguyen Hong Diep