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Salcedo Lt. Col. Maurice 20th Fighter Wing, Shaw AFB USAF F-16D Monday, 18th April 2005
Salti 1st Lieutenant Muwaffaq 1 Squadron RJAF Hunter Sunday, November 13, 1966
Sanderson F/0 Garry W. 6 STR OTU Cold lake RCAF CF‑104  9th June 1965
Sawatzky Lt. Noel (VFA) 14 USN F/A-18F Super Hornet Monday 18th July 2005
Seitz Flg. Off. E. A. "Al" 439 RCAF Sabre 8th July 1952
Seitz Flt.  Lt.  E. A. "Al" 4 Wing Baden RCAF CF‑104 13th August 1965
Sheridan Lt. Richard (RN) 4FTS RAF Folland Gnat T1 12th October 1964
Shumate 1st Lt. Harry L 25th FIS 51st FIG USAF F-86E Sabre 15th May 1952
Souvignet Jose   French AF Mirage 2000N 30th August 1995
Sparkle Student Pilot Captain Colin 85 Combat Flying School SAAF Impala Mk2 Monday, 4th July 2005
Steeves 1st Lt. David   USAF T-33 9th May 1957
Strawn 1st Lt. James E. VMF-333 USMC F-8C Crusader 16th October 1961
Strickland Captain Christopher Thunderbirds USAF F-16 Sunday
14th September 2003
Stroud Flt. Lt. Harry R. 3 Wing Zweibrucken RCAF CF‑104 16th November 1964
Stutchbury Observer John   RN Sea Vixen 10th May 1966