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Garcia-Guillern 2nd Lt. Roque A. 11th Fighter Squadron Peruvian Air Force F-86F-25 Sabre 10th April 1956
Gehman F/t. Lt. C. W. "Tex" 6 STR OTU Cold Lake RCAF CF‑104 1st November 1963
Ghyselincks Capt. Dave 417 Sqn. Cold Lake CAF CF‑104 30th April 1982
Granger Maj. Steve 20th Fighter Wing, Shaw AFB USAF F-16D Monday 18th April 2005
Gunn Mr. Alistair "Ben" Boulton Paul Test Pilot P.120 29th August 1952
Gudmundsson Lt. Cmdr. Markus (VFA) 102 USS Kitty Hawk (CV 63) USN F/A-18F Hornet 29th January 2005