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Jim  "Trigger"    USAF F-105 23rd August 1976


1st Lt. Joe L. 25th FIS 51st FIG USAF F-86E Sabre 2nd April 1952


Flt. Lt. Richard "Dick"  A. J. 87 Sqn RAF Javelin FAW-1 18th February 1959


Major John 388th TFW USAF F-16A 10th April 1981


Frederic   French AF Mirage 2000N 30th August 1995
   Clay Major Julian 120th FS -140th Wing, Colorado ANG USAF F-16  Block 30 Tuesday 28th June 2005 afternoon
   Crecca Lt. Joe
366th TFW
480th TFS
Danang AB, RVN
USAF F-4C Phantom I 22nd November 1966
   Croll Capt. John B. 417 OTS Cold Lake RCAF CF‑104 4th May 1973
   Cuadrado Coronel Eduardo EADS-CASA Spanish Air Force Eurofighter
22nd November 2002
1215 GMT