62nd Fighter Squadron

56th Fighter Wing

Block 25
Fighting Falcon


11th April 2006
09:50 local

Luke AFB, Phoenix, Glendale, AR. USA
Captain Jason Attaway

Pilot ejects before Luke F-16 crashes

An F-16 assigned to the 56th Fighter Wing crashed at about 9:51 a.m. Tuesday approximately two miles southwest of Luke near the intersection of Camelback Road and Cotton Lane.

The F-16 student pilot, assigned to the 62nd Fighter Squadron, is 26-year-old Capt. Jason Attaway from Dallas, Texas.

Captain Attaway was part of a two-ship student training mission heading toward an air-to-air training area to perform basic fighter maneuvers. After the crash, the flight lead circled the area, notified base officials and flew over the crash site to communicate with Captain Attaway, who ejected safely. The pilot was recovered, examined and released from Banner Estrella Medical Center.

The incident occurred in Luke’s southern departure corridor. This is an area where Luke has worked closely with local, county and state officials to ensure compatible civilian growth in conjunction with safe flight operations.

A Safety Investigation Board will convene within 72 hours of the initial crash. A board of military and civilian technical experts will also convene to investigate the accident and will prepare a official report for public release on the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident.

During initial Air Force flight training students receive instruction in initial egress training where they learn basic ejection procedures, parachute operations and parachute landing falls. In addition to life support training, students receive refresher egress training in an F-16 ejection seat every six months.

Referring to the egress training, Lt. Col. David Julazadeh, 56th Operations Support Squadron commander, emphasized the importance of the training. “Pilots train in here until the motions of ejecting are second nature to them,” Colonel Julazadeh said.

Courtesy of 56th Fighter Wing Public Affairs



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