United States Air Force 336th TFS

F-4E Phantom II


12th September 1972
Released: March 29, 1973

4th TFW att. to 8 TFW
Captain Rudolph V. Zuberbuhler


shot down by a MiG‑21 nr Son Dong, N of Haiphong, NVNReleased: March 29, 1973

 I was shot down by a Mig 21 firing a heat
seeking missile on 12 September 1972, north and west of Haiphong, North
Vietnam. I was captured the following day by North Vietnamese regular army
troops. I spent two months in solitary confinement and then was moved to the
camp called the "Zoo" where I stayed most of my imprisonment except for a
short period in late December. In January we were moved to the "Hanoi Hilton."

Other Personnel in Incident: Navigator Frederick Murray

Lt Col Frederick C. McMurray

Capt. Rudolph U. Zuberbuhler

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Captain Rudolph V. Zuberbuhler