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United States Air Force 497 TFS, 8 TFW, Ubon VN

F-4C Phantom II


22 May 1967

Richard Dale "Dick" Vogel



Richard Dale Vogel and David Baldwin were the crew of a USAF F-4C Phantom II flying out of Ubon, Vietnam.

Both crew ejected using their Martin-Baker ejection seats. Dave Baldwin was rescued. Dick Vogel was not so fortunate and was taken prisoner by the North Vietnamese and would remain a captive until 1973.


". . . I was shot down and captured on 22 May 1967 while flying an F-4 aircraft. l believe the one big factor that helped me endure my six years as a POW was
faith in God, my family, and the beliefs I had and still have of the United States. It may sound "corny" to make such a statement, but it is true.

Certainly, there were bad days, dark days, and sad days. The Vietnamese did their utmost to make us break faith with our ideals, but our ability to stick
together and bounce back when we were down never failed us. . . ."


Colonel Richard Vogel



via Dick Vogel
Richard "Dick" Vogel

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Richard Dale "Dick" Vogel