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Royal Canadian Air Force 3 Wing Zweibrucken

CF-104 Starfighter


16th November 1964

Flt. Lt. Harry Stroud

My ejection was near Karlsruhe, Germany from aircraft CF-104 12856 on November 16, 1964. 

The problem was jamming of the inlet guide vanes in the closed position due to the use of improper lubricant.  After a TACAN letdown from 35,000 ft(high cloud that day) power was demanded to level off.  It was not forthcoming.  From the time of problem identification to my feet on the ground was 43 seconds.  As you know most aircraft have a glide ratio of eleven in the horizontal to one in the vertical.  The CF-104 is similar but different with a glide ratio of eleven in the vertical to one in the horizontal.  That baby was going nowhere but down.

                                                              Harry Stroud, 31st October 2005


1.    Harry Ruault Stroud
2.    Flt Lt
3.    32 years
4.    Nov 16, 1964
5.    10:05 am
6.    RCAF
7.    CF-104
8.    Single seat
9.    12856
10.    421 St/Attack Sqn
11.   N/A
12.    ?
13.    Baden Sollingen, Germany        
14.    200 ft
15.    230-240K
16.    Level nose up
17.    Durlack, Germany
18.    Pockets of farmland in Black Forest
19.    Cloud: about 800 ft to 35,000 ft
20.    Peacetime
21.    Initiated ejection myself
22.    Ejection sequence automatic: canopy followed by seat
23.    No ejection difficulty
24.    Compression fracture at thoracic D7.  D handle between legs
25.    No temporal distortion
26.    No "out of body experience"
27.    Seat American design just modified to ground level capability
28.    Previously answered





16th November 1964
CF‑104 104856 3 Wing Zweibrucken Engine failure due to inadequate maintenance F/L Harry R. Stroud Lockheed C-2