Project: Get Out and Walk 



Royal Canadian Air Force 6 STR OTU Cold Lake

CF-104 Starfighter


9th June 19665

Flg. Off. Garry Sanderson

We had a look at your site-it brought back many memories, not just of my own exciting 7 seconds, but those of many friends and  associates.

Youhave my delighted permission to use any material that you wish, and I would be happy to provide any details about my own experience and give you whatever help I can with the overall project.

Therewere one or two names not spelled correctly-I suspect that working with old records, it can be difficult to decipher some of the information after 40-odd years.

What the records may not say concerning my ejection is that it was my first solo on type, and the engine failed, (probably as a result of trying to digest something it wasn't designed to handle) in final turn. My chute opened at about treetop height, (belatedly, as I had a death grip on the D handle, and didn't let go until the still-attached seat bashed me in the head to indicate that it might be a good idea to do so). I still have the D handle tucked away somewhere, gathering dust, along with the slightly scorched handle from the control column. My wife has long since discarded the bent and twisted turbine blades that were kept because, "Someday I'll make knives out of these".

                                                Best Regards

Garry Sanderson, 27th October 2005


 9th June 1965
CF‑104 104725 6 STR OTU Cold lake Pilot lost control due to undetermined technical malfunction on final approach

F/0 G.W. Sanderson

Lockheed C-2