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United States Navy VFA-126

A-4E Skyhawk


2nd October 1991

Cdr. John "Bug" Roach

Cdr. John "Bug" Roach ejected but was killed when his chute failed to deploy. His A-4E Skyhawk BuNo 150073 of VFA-126 crashed into the Pacific Ocean 100km off San Diega.


Wanted to let you know that the A-4 fatality on 2-10-91 was my friend (and everybody's) Cdr. John "Bug" Roach.  I saw Bug less than a month before his death, and he had the world by the tail.  As the navy's senior LSO he was a limited duty officer.  He grinned beneath his moustache and said, "Long as I pass the physical they gotta fly me."  He'd managed 40-odd Desert Storm missions but told me, "I'm swearing off war to teach the young guys."

One of a kind, muchly missed.

Barrett Tillman
8th November 2005


Photographs with thanks via
               Jan Jacobs

  The HOOK Magazine

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