208 Sqn

Meteor 8


24th March 1957

RAF Khormaksar
Flying Officer John Mansfield

  photo Rick Mansfield

Flying Officer John Hugh Stuart MANSFIELD


John Hugh Stuart Mansfield


F/O Mansfield aged 24, 208 Squadron, RAF Khormaksar,  was killed whilst ejecting from his Meteor 8  on 24th March 1957 near Thumier West Aden Protectorate. His engine caught fire at 500 feet. Perhaps from a  ricochet of his own shell whilst firing at the ground during the Suez  Crises although it may have been struck by small arms fire which damaged the engine.

His low level ejection was out of seat envelope and he was killed

Thanks to Rick Mansfield, Flg. Off.  Mansfield's brother for permission to include these details 

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