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Royal Air Force



Triple Ejectee "Bang-out Bill";


Sqn Ldr William Arthur "Bill" Langworthy  AFC

First Ejection

5th May 1961 Jet Provost T.3 XM469 1 FTS Flt. Lt. W. A. Langworthy
Midshipman C. A. Skillett RN
Aircraft was abandoned in a spin 5 miles north east of York. Both crew ejected safely

Second Ejection

14th December 1976 Jaguar GR.1 XZ102
2 Sqn
Flt. Lt. W. A. Langworthy
Aircraft lost No.2 engine and began rolling and yawing uncontrollably - Flt. Lt. Langworthy  timed his low level ejection to ensure correct orientation of aircraft. Near RAF Laarbruch, Germany

Third Ejection

15th November 1977 Jaguar T.2 XX845
2 Sqn
Flt. Lt. W. A. Langworthy
S. Lt. Knight
Very Low level ejection, belly landing, Near RAF Laarbruch, Germany

Flt. Lt. Bill Langworthy awaiting pick-up following his ejection on 14th December 1976


Sqn Ldr "Bill Langworthy died on 1st January 2006 aged 70



. . . Having Spent 7 1/2 yrs in the RAF as groundcrew in the late '70s and early '80s, I became drawn to the "activities", pertinent to the activities of one of my former Aircrew who was known, it appears, as much to your site as our histories of him.

As you are or not aware the RAF has lost one of its greatest sons this year, namely Sqn Ldr "Bill Langworthy".

In respect of the above I have included small patches which I hope are worthy of attachment to the relevant year/s of his activities in maintaining Martin Baker's worth in the market.

I remain yours sincerely

M "Paddy" Flood ex Senior Aircraftsman RAF


in email dated 9th February 2006