United States Marine Corps

F9F-2 Panther


19th September 1952

Captain Edward H. P. Lynk

Captain Edward H. P. Lynk ejected from his aircraft, after if was hit  by machine gun fire, 45 mi NE of Seoul (N of bombline) and he was wounded in the left arm (in addition to the back and leg injuries many pilots suffered in the early days of ejections).
He was shot at both in the chute and on the ground. No helicopter ever came to rescue him; as Ed Lynk puts it, just his “legs and luck” got him back to the 40th Army Division. He had to cross a live mine field to get there, which is the only reason the North Koreans finally stopped chasing him (they didn’t want to get blown up!).


      Some extracts used in this Biography  were  provided thanks to the generosity of  Ed Lynk and Suzie Bird