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Royal Canadian Air Force 6 STR OTU Cold Lake

CF-104 Starfighter


1st November 1963

Flt. Lt. G. R. J. "Sky" King

Mine is the 18 July 1967 ejection.  What is not mentioned is that I was on exchange with the Danish Air Force flying out of Karup Denmark.  I ejected at very low altitude into the Kattegat a couple of miles off the east shore of Denmark.  (3 seconds in the chute) The story has some interesting twists re rescue, survival equipment etc., and has been written up in a few books.

in email 27th October 2005

Sky King

BGen Ret’d



18th July 1967
CF‑104 104734 1 Wing Lahr Compressor stall due to birdstrike

Flt. Lt. G.R.J. "Sky" King

Lockheed C-2