United States Navy DET65 VFP-62
CVAN65 Enterprise

RF-8U Crusader

BuNo 145604

16th October 1962

USS Enterprise
RF-8U Crusader

BuNo 146894

16th April 1963
Lt W. Newby Kelt

1st Ejection

Lt Cmdr Newby Kelt had a generator failure on take-off from Cecil Field. The resulting foreign object damage led to his ejection. Less than 6 months later Lt Cmdr Kelt made another ejection from the flight deck of the Enterprise.

Peter Wallace


2nd Ejection

... The pilot was W. Newby Kelt Lt Cmdr he ejected off the Enterprise CVAN65 he was with DET 65 from VFP 62.  The ship was turning into the wind the deck was very slick with oil and the aircraft slid off from the angle deck catapult. Lt Cmdr Kelt ejected safely and flew again. This was a very low level ejection. I was assigned to Det 65 VFP62 and on the deck at the time and watched it happen it was an event I will never forget. As I recall watching, it appeared to happen in slow motion.

Peter Wallace

      Some extracts used in this Biography  were  provided thanks to the generosity of Peter Wallace in correspondence thru November 2005 & April 2006 & photos August 2006