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Wednesday 26th October 2005:

12:45 h (local)

Sqn. Ldr. K. R. Murthy - died of his injuries in hospital

Sqn. Ldr K. D. Bhat

Bangalore: , the test pilot of the MiG-21 aircraft that crashed at Bangalore airport today, died in hospital this evening, an IAF spokesman said.

 MiG- 21 of the Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed while taking off from the Bangalore airport at 12.45 pm today.

 Initial reports stated that, a test pilot and a test engineer of the Airforce Systems and Training Establishment (ASTE) on board had managed to eject to safety. The test pilot and test engineer were both injured and were admitted to hospital, the sources said.

 The aircraft, belonging to the ASTE, was on a routine training sortie when it experienced problems "during the take-off role."

"The jet crashed while on a routine training flight while it was on a take-off roll," said Wing Commander Raghunathan, spokesman for the Bangalore-based Air Force Training Command.

"There was no loss to life or damage to property."

Bangalore's airport was shut down for a couple of hours after the Indian Air Force (IAF) trainer jet had crashed.

A technical snag is suspected to have been the causeof the crash. .

According to the police, the aircraft, belonging to the Aircraft Systems and Testing Establishment, caught fire after it crashed.


Murthy managed to eject with the help of parachute that landed on a fireball triggered by the crash of the fighter plane. Belonging to IAF's Aircraft Systems and Testing Establishment, Murthy died following burn injuries and the impact of the fall, an IAF spokesman said.

Test engineer Squadron Leader K D Bhat also received injuries but is safe

Indian MOD spokesperson and Indian Media



                                                               AFP/Dibyangshu Sarkar

Indian fire fighters hose water onto an Indian Airforce Flight (IAF) MIG 21 aircraft which crashed at the airport in Bangalore. The pilot was killed.




                                                              Photo: G. R. N. Somashekar

MIG CRASH IN BANGALORE: The wreckage of a MiG 21 aircraft which crashed at the Bangalore Airport on Wednesday. One of the pilots was killed and the other injured. A bird-hit is suspected to be the cause of the accident.  


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News Clipping from the

Hindu Times for 27th October 2005