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Ecuadorian Air Force


Kfir TC-2


21st October 2004


Capitan Alex Padilla


Capitan Patricio Velasco



                   KFIR Trainer destroyed.

                                               October 23, 2004

The Air force of Ecuador has revealed that, the aircraft involved in the accident belonged to the KFIR pilots Training fleet.

People from the towns of Buenos Aires and Chiquita, part of the Milagro and Yaguachi Cantons respectively, returned to their normal routine some time after military personnel picked up the remains of a FAE KFIR TC-2 which had an accident last Thursday, some 3 miles north from Taura-Air force Base, Province of Guayas.

The aircraft, was flying together with another one of the same type over the city of Guayaquil, where a Military Ceremony was being performed. When the aircraft was approaching Taura Air force Base on finals, suddenly, it caught on fire and crashed.

According with witnesses, a little after 5:00 PM a very loud noise was heard and then they saw the plane flying very low and it was on fire. They also were able to see the two pilots ejecting from the plane with their seats and right after that, there was a big explosion.

Shortly after, a group of military personnel, fire-fighters and two ambulances arrived to the site of the accident, while two helicopters ( probably TH-57s) were hovering above the area. The next day the place was declared Off limits until the remains of the plane were recovered completely for investigation.

Meanwhile, in the town of Chiquita from Canton Milagro, some High school students were watching how military personnel were working on fixing the damage that one of the fuel tanks of the plane had caused in the local school. The school's Principal, said that the school's roof had been broken in two places. Also, as a result of the impact, a great deal of fuel had been spread over the place and the  odor was strong. However, the normal activities were not suspended.

Another fuel tank had crashed next to an old man. He had thought that war had taken place because a lot of metal pieces began to fall from the sky.

The 500 families that live in the area, believed that they were in the middle of a battling zone. Just minutes before they had seen two aircraft flying over, like it usually happens, because the village is located on the same route that the FAE Combat aircraft use for their training.

Another man was with his family when he saw the three fuel tanks being jettisoned. He made his wife and kids to search  refuge inside their house, once he really believed they were being attacked by enemy planes.

Article obtained from "El Universo" Ecuadorean newspaper.
Translated by

                                    Wilson F. Garrido.



                           via Wilson Garrido
Capitan Alex Padilla



Remains of the crashed Ecuadorian Air Force Kfir TC-2 trainer