Project: Get Out and Walk 



RAF 111 Squadron

F-4 Phantom FG.1


3rd June 1980

Flt. Lt. P. R. Watling
Flt. Lt. S. L. James



       All photos Stephen G. Donald - used with permission

These remarkable photographs by Stephen G Donald show the final moments of RAF Phantom FGR1 XV589 flown by Flt. Lt. P. R. Watling and Flt. Lt. S. L. James. The aircraft was detached from RAF Leuchars for training purposes and was on a routine flight to Alconbury. As the aircraft neared the airfield and lined up for the runway at approximately 350 feet altitude the nose section radome was seen to open. This sudden resultant drag factor caused the aircraft to roll and yaw. Despite attempts to correct these the pilot and navigator had no option but to eject. They both landed safely and suffered slight injuries.


photos are Stephen G. Donald -  and used with permission and must not to be used, resold or otherwise released for publication without his  written consent.