Indian Air Force

No 2 Squadron

Marcel Dassault OURAGON   MD 450

 IC  870

17th May 1961
Approx  10 AM Local time

Flying Officer Krishnaswamy Chandra SHEKHAR




It was a clear day with fine weather apart from a little dust haze when 22 year old  Indian Air Force Flying Office Krishnaswamy Chandra Shekhar took off on a routine morning training flight from Halwara.


He was with No. 2 Squadron and flying a French built OURAGON   MD 450.

It was while  practicing aerobatic manoeuvres at around 2000 to 3000 ft AGL that the aircraft became uncontrollable.


The aircraft went into a very flat spin, airspeed approx 120kts and with no prospect of recovery that Flg. Off. Shekhar made the decision to eject.


Shekhar initiated the ejection sequence of his  SNCASO ejection seat. By now the atitude of the aircraft, known by those in the Indian Air Force as the TOOFANI. was nose down below the horizon. First the canopy was manually jettisoned, this proved to be more difficult than was expected. From the decison to eject at 8,000 feet with the canopy problems at around 3,000 Flg. Off. Shekhar finally left the aircraft and descended as normally. That day over farmland near Narangwal Village in the Punjab, "KC" became another grateful member of the Irvin "Caterpillar Club".






      Some extracts used in this Biography  were  provided thanks to the generosity of  Krishnaswamy  SHEKHAR