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United States Air Force 357 TFS, 355 TFW,
USAF, Takhli

F105 Thunderchief


24 August 1967

Jay Criddle Hess

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Jay Hess  DPMO reference no. 0810, Shot down NVN, 8-24- 1967, 21-38-59N,
106-34-59E, 1550 local, 0850 Zulu time.  F-105D, 62-4268, 357 TFS, 355 TFW,
USAF, Takhli.  During a raid on a railway marshalling yard at Lang Dang, 25
miles northeast of Kep, Capt. Hess started his dive on the target but his
aircraft was hit in the fuselage by 37mm flak as it passed through about
5,500 fee.  He ejected a few miles northeast of the target and was soon
captured.  Shot down on his 33rd mission over NVN. Released to US control on
3-14-1973 in Operation Homecoming.

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Jay Hess