French Air Force
Groupe de Chasse 01.030 Alsace

Mirage F1 CT

247 - QP

10th May 2003

Lieutenant Vianney Saillard "Saisai"



Groupe de Chasse 01.030 Alsace

On Saturday, 10th May 2003, Lieutenant Vianney Saillard "Saisai" of the French Air Force ejected from his Mirage F1 CT.

An engine failure during the RTB of a "quick alert mission" gave the Lieutenant from Groupe de Chasse 01.030 Alsace based at Colmar no other choice that to abandon his aircraft.

He ejected  using his French manufactured Martin-Baker ejection seat at 150 feet / 270 knots landing safely on the horsetrack of Mont de Marsan. The aircraft, 247- QP was destroyed.

                                                                          photo Lieutenant Vianney Saillard

Lieutenant Vianney Saillard "Saisai"

Mirage F1 CT 247- QP The remains of 247- QP