Project: Get Out and Walk 



Royal Navy 813 Sqn

Westland Wyvern


24th September 1957

Lt. Michael J. Doust


Regarding my ejection from a Wyvern - it was  not from RNAS Ford, but while serving temporarily in HMS "EAGLE." I was returning from a Forward Air Control sortie over Northern Norway, when I suffered a propeller planet gear failure. This resulted in loss of control of my elevator and rudder due to the discing of the rear prop. The high rate of descent forced me to eject over Harstadfjord 100 miles north of the Arctic Circle, at about 800 ft - my chute opened just as I hit the sea! So I became the first 'Arctic Caterpillar' and 'Blue Nose' dinghy user. I was picked up by two Norwegian fishermen in a row boat, and then flown to Andoya by the USAF in a Grumman Albatross. I started a trend - the next day a Seahawk pilot ejected and a Gannet ASW a/c ditched!!

 Yours sincerely,

 Michael J. Doust, Commander, RN(Rtd)

19th November 2005