United States Air Force 19th Bomb Wing (SAC)

B-47 Stratojet


12th  July 1960

Homestead AFB, Florida
Captain Cassius N. Davison

Cassius N. Davison

2  Captain

3. 35 Years old

4. July 12, 1960

5. 2215


7. Boeing B-47

8. Contained in newspaper clipping

9. Contained on wreckage picture.

10 19th Bomb Wing (SAC)

11. None

12. Don't remember

13  Homestead AFB, Florida

14. 19000 ft.

15  425 Knots Indicated airspeed

16  20 degrees nose down

17  Between Naples and Clewiston Florida

18  Florida everglades

19  CAVU

20  Peace time

21. Initiated bailout

22  Canopy jettisoned when ejection was initiated

23  Landed in water---Inflated dingy

24  Broken Sternum and third finger on right hand.  Finger caught in ejection seat firing mechanism.  Opening shock of parachute broke sternum

25  No

26  No

27  Weber ejection seat.  Parachute maker unknown

28  The mission was to give a night aerial refueling check to a pilot (Saunders) We met the tanker (KC-97) over the Gulf of Mexico.  After descending from 29,000 feet to 15000 ft to join up with the tanker,  we made contact and took on about 50000 pounds of fuel.  Upon completion of the refueling, we climbed back to 29,000 ft and that was when the number 4 engine exploded.  The rest is contained in the clippings.


30  None before--only after and have forwarded them to you.

31  Already sent them.

32. Only as contained in the clippings.

33  Yes

34  Upgrade of the "Anti-stall Prevention System"  for jet engines.

35  No objection to information being held on your data base.