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United States Air Force Udorn R.T.A.F.B. , Udorn,

RF-4C Phantom II


23rd November 1968

Capt. Bradley  G. Cuthbert


Capt. Bradley  G. Cuthbert in the front seat and Capt
Mark J. Ruhling
in the back  seat.

A malfunction let the canopies go and the pilot went out first.  His rockets scorched Capt Mark J. Ruhling's helmet .

"Cuthbert never showed up in Hanoi or any of our camps.  His body was returned to the US after the war. It is assumed he was killed on the ground by troops or villagers.

[In fact only two teeth were returned and the family still maintain that the status of MIA should still apply]

      Some extracts used in this Biography  were  provided thanks to the generosity of Charles and Mary Schantag  who also gave permission to include the  following POWNET biography  link               (please use your browser Back Arrow to return to this page)

Capt. Bradley  G. Cuthbert