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USAF Colorado ANG

120th "Colorado Cougar" Fighter Squadron  -140th  Wing

Block 30 F-16


Tuesday, 28th June 2005

Major Julian Clay



F-16 crash linked to engine flaw

Air Force officials have determined that an improperly installed engine augmenter fan manifold caused an F-16 fighter jet to catch fire and crash-land at Lamar Municipal Airport five months ago.

On June 28, Colorado Air National Guard pilot Major Julian Clay made an emergency landing on the airport's runway.

He ejected once he realized he could no longer control the jet. Clay suffered minor ankle injuries.

"Failure to follow technical order guidance was the most likely cause of the improper installation," the Air Force report stated.

The $19 million aircraft split in two and was destroyed, the report said. It had been assigned to the Colorado Air National Guard's 140th Wing at Buckley Air Force Base.



An F-16 rest in a field after the pilot had to eject after trying to land the plane at the Lamar Airport. Possible engine failure and loss of hydraulics forced the pilot to try to land the jet that came to rest 150 yards south of the airport runway.  

photos by John Contreras, Lamar Daily News