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United States Navy


Bu No 164689 
AJ 307

26th March 2004

Lt. (j.g) Wesley Baumgartner

via Dan 


Remains of F/A-18 Bu No 164689 the following day

Lt. (j.g) Wesley Baumgartner USN VA-15 (Valions) ejected from his F/A-18C Hornet Bu No 164689 after it ran off runway 23L during take‑off at Raleigh ‑ Durham IAP, NC, USA

This is in reference to the US Navy F/A-18 that crashed and pilot Lt JG
Baumgartner safely ejected from while taking off RWY 23L at RDU Int'l
Airport.  Witnessed the ejection and later took pictures of the crash site. 
Saw you have this ejection in your record, but no photo.  Here is one taken
the following day.  Interesting site, keep up the good work.


in email December 2005