Argentine Navy  

AerMacchi MB326

Nr 101

19th December  1988

Lt. Gustavo Yannielli

photos via Captain Yannielli Gustavo              


My name is Yannielli Gustavo a friend of my told me about your web site, and I'm now telling you, my ejection story.

I was a Navy fighter pilot; in 1988 I was only a total of 98 hs of flight.

The ejection day, it was the December 19 of 1988, and I was a Copilot in that tactical flight (Lt. Yannielli Gustavo).

We (Lt.C.Rodaro Gustavo and I) were flow an AerMacci MB326 Nr 101 over the Uruguay River at 350 kts...and 100 ft.......when,……. suddenly impact over the water. I ejected immediately with not injuries and unlucky my partner,  Lt. C. Rodaro Gustavo was died. The ejection seats were “Martin Baker” 0fh 90 kts.