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United States Air Force 14 TRS, 432 TRW, Udorn

307th STRAT WG 

RF-4C Phantom


9th December  1972

GIB 1st Lt. Hector Michael Acosta

Pilot Billie J. Williams (remains returned)


I was on a photo reconnaissance mission in North Vietnam (a few miles north of Vihn) when an unseen surface to air missile (SAM) sent my aircraft, piloted by Major Billy Joe Williams (currently MIA) plummeting in flames.

 I received multiple shrapnel wounds and burns on both arms and right leg in the SAM strike and ejected to safety (two good chutes). This occurred during the early afternoon of December 9, 1972, during, approximately, my ninetieth mission. An extensive rescue effort lasted through the late afternoon of
the 10th.




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1st Lt. Hector Michael Acosta