A Hawk training jet crashed on instrument approach flight to the Kruunupyy airport just south of the end of the runway, about 300 meters, on Thursday night at about 22.20. The pilot ejected and was not harmed, after medical checkups he returned to duties. The plane participated in the Beaver 2006 training mission. In the Beaver 2006 training mission 8-9 Hawk training jets participated. Flights between 25.-29.9.2006 klo 12.00 - 02.00, also low altitude flight.

The Finnish Air Force has ordered a commission from the Karelia Air Command headed by Major Mikko Hietanen. Technical investigations have concluded that the accident was caused by birds causing malfunction of the engine. The plane was climbing after approach when the pilot heard a loud sound and the engine stopped. He tried to restart the engine, but failed and ejected.



Press conference at the Kauhava Training Air Wing, where the plan originated from, Colonel Kari Janhunen, 29.9. kello 10.00.


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HW-335 accident investigation commission chair Major Mikko Hietanen from the Karelia Air Command. The commission started immediately with investigations in the terrain at the accident site.


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The plane caught fire upon impact, but the local fire and rescue teams had the situation quickly under control.

The fuselage and debris was removed during the weekend to Kauhava, where investigations continue, specially on the engine, and is estimated to take several weeks.

Members of the accident investigation committee,

Chairman, Major Mikko Hietanen Karelia Air Command, Flight Instructor member Captain Pekka Kamppinen Air Training Wing, Technical member, Senior Lieutenant Jouni Seppänen, Karelia Air Command, Medical member, Senior Lieutenant Roope Sovelius Air Training Wing Lentosotakoulusta and Police member Criminal Investigator Tapani Tikkala National Bureau of Investigation.