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Israeli Defence Force / Air Force

109 Sqn Ramat David AFB, Israel


possibly 041

Tuesday, 3rd May 2005 12:00h approx

Pilot and Navigator not  named

(all photos via IDF/AF )

The Israeli Defence Force / Air Force 109 Squadron F-16D '014' suffered a landing gear problem when landing at Ramat David Air Force Base around mid-day on Tuesday 3rd May 2005. The aircraft landing gear collapsed causing the F-16 to veer off the runway. Both pilot and navigator ejected using ACES II ejection seats at about 140 knots with zero altitude.   Seconds later the F-16 turned over. Both crew were taken to hospital for routine medical tests.


sincere thanks are extended to the IDF/AF Press Office and members of the F-16.Net for their assistance with help and information on these ejections