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Hawk CT1552


14th May 2004

Crew names not know at present



Type: Hawk CT155202

Date: 14 May 2004

Location: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

The mission was a navigation trip and part of a conversion syllabus designed to familiarize the Royal Air Force (RAF) student with the NFTC Hawk variant. With the area portion completed, the crew was conducting some proficiency flying at 15 Wing. The IP had just taken control and as the aircraft approached the departure end of Runway 29R, a bird was observed just left of the nose. Both crewmembers heard a "thump", felt vibrations and noted a change in engine pitch. This was followed immediately by audio and caption engine warnings (T6NL&ECA) and high engine temperature indication (660 C).

The IP traded airspeed for altitude, confirmed that engine temperatures remained high, reduced throttle to idle and told the student to "prepare to abandon the aircraft". The aircraft reached a maximum altitude of approximately 3700 MSL (1700 AGL). When the aircraft descended through 3000 MSL the IP transmitted his intention to eject to Moose Jaw tower. After confirming the student was ready, the IP ordered and initiated ejection.

Both occupants cleared the aircraft and descended under parachutes but for less than 30 seconds prior to landing. One crewmember was seriously injured in the sequence and the other received minor injuries. The aircraft was completely destroyed when it crashed about seven seconds later in a farmer's field.

The investigation is on going and focusing on a wide range of issues including the aspects of low and slow speed (below 300 KIAS) engine failure in the CT155 and ejection criteria. Also, the investigation will examine engine performance after bird ingestion and aircrew life support equipment.


Canadian Directorate of Flight Safety








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