Imperial Iranian Air Force

McDonnell Douglas F-4D-35-MC
Phantom II


25th September 1969

1st. Lt. Mohsen J Chinisaz

                                                                                      photo via Ali Michael Chinisaz

IIAF F-4 Phantom suffered hydraulic control failure. The aircraft crashed  over Gachsar and Razan. The crew of pilot: Capt. Nikfarjam ejected and RIO 1st. Lt. Mohsen J Chinisaz ejected



Lt. Col Mohsen J Chinisaz died when his son was very young.

"I would love to get in touch with anyone he knew from his days in the IRAF or even better had pictures of him, as to my knowledge all but 3 of his pictures where burned when his house was bombed in the Iran Iraq war.

It would have meant a lot to my father to see a record of something he was a part of on the Internet.

Very Respectfully

Ali Michael Chinisaz
in email 5th December 2008

If anyone who knew Mohsen J Chinisaz and can help Ali with details of his father's life and career please contact him directly at  or  via this web site