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Chronological Listing of Ugandan
No Ejections as yet confirmed

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
4 July 1976
Ugandan AF
MiG-17s     "Kadur ha'Ra'am" Raid on Entebbe Airport by Israeli Forces destroyed about 11 Migs thought to be MiG-17s on the ground No Ejections
25th January 1976
Ugandan AF

Taking part in a display at Entebbe. Crashed in Lake Victoria during the demonstration

Pilot killed    
11th October 1978
Ugandan AF
MiG-17F     Shot down by  SA-7 during an attack on Tanzanian territory      
28th October 1978
Ugandan AF
MiG-17     Shot down by an SA-7 near Bukoba      
This is quoted as the first Ugandan loss. Check reference to loss on 11th October
28th October 1978
Ugandan AF
MiG-17     Lost attacking a bridge near Kyaka      
April 1979
Ugandan AF
MiG-17F     About three MiGs were destroyed at Entebbe Airport by attacking Tanzanian Forces No ejections
7 April 1979
Ugandan AF
of Libyan Air Force
serial 116   shot down by an RPG-7 round during take-off from Entebbe by Tanzanian troops  
May 1979
Ugandan AF
MiG-17     Shot down by Tanzanian Forces      
May 1979
Ugandan AF
MiG-17     Shot down by Tanzanian Forces      
May 1979
Ugandan AF
MiG-21MF     Shot down by Tanzanian Forces      
May 1979
Ugandan AF
MiGs     An unknown quantity of Ugandan MiG-17 and MiG-21s were destroyed on the ground at the airfields at Gulu and Nakasangola by Tanzanian Forces.

Three Mig-17s and several MiG-21s were captured and taken to Tanzania.

Four MiG-21s were also dumped at a local scrap yard

No Ejections
Friday 25th September 1998

Ugandan AF
      Crashed at Kisomoro, 25km from Fort Portal in the Ruwenzori mountains, western Uganda At least 10 on board
4 known to have survived

Lieutenant Colonel Jet Mwebaze
[also seen as dying on 26th September]
Rosebell Kirungi
badly injured
Zeev Shif
15th July 1999
Ugandan AF
(ex Polish MiG-21 bis)
      Pilot killed in crash    
October 2002
Ugandan AF
MiG-21     Reported as shot down by LRA rebels in Northern Uganda      
Details are uncertain to this loss, if it was a loss. Reported in the Monitor Newspaper but later the journalist was charged with filing a false report
15th July 2003

Ugandan AF
MiG-21     Crashed into Lake Victoria about 15 km from Entebbe International Airport, shortly aftertake off Un-named Russian Pilot
Friday ?? July 2005
Ugandan AF
Ugandan presidential Helicopter
    Crashed into a mountain range in southern Sudan because of poor visibility
President of Southern Sudan, Dr John Garang was amongst the fatalities
  Dr. John Garang DeMabior, six of his colleagues and seven Ugandan crew members
19th June 2006
Ugandan AF
Tecnam P-92
aerial surveillance plane
    Crashed  into Lake Victoria near Buvvu Island, 20km southwest of Entebbe airport during a military exercise      
Capt. Yotam
co- pilot Anatoli
rescued by a UPDF helicopter  
Wednesday 24th December 2008
10:00 GMT

Ugandan AF
    Crashed one-and-a-half kilometres from Isiro airport, in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. Lt. John Bosco Opio Okorom

Ugandan spokesperson said the plane was on a training flight, a local source the the aircraft was lost  during military operations against Uganda's rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA)

Monday 21st November 2011
Uganda People's Defence Forces
Air Wing
Four Seat Aircraft
    Crash landed at Entebbe Air Base Both crew and passengers egressed safely    


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