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List being compiled

            El Salvador - Fuerza Aérea Salvadoreña

1st Draft

  Chronological Listing of Salvadoran Ejections

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
18th August 1976

MD.450 Ouragan FAS 708   loss of elevator control, San Vicente Capt. Alfredo Rodríguez ejected successfully at 10,000 ft.
photo Milton Andrade via Mario Alfaro
15th July 1978
MD.450 Ouragan FAS 710 Ilopango Air Base engine failure minutes after take off from Ilopango Air Base, La Paz, Crashed Lieut Ricardo Ernesto Campos ejected at 500m but died as parachute didn´t open   SNCASO E-86
18th May 1983
A-37B FAS 420   test flight, engine failure over sea     Weber
Liut Quiñónez Lieut Abrego Weber
16th June 1988
A-37 FAS 426   details needed      
18th November 1989
A-37B FAS 429   shot through chest by Drugonov AA Capt. Milton Andrade ejected succesfully, rescued by UH-1H Weber
23rd November 1990
A-37B FAS 431   SAM missile, impacts right engine during bombing mission     Weber
Lieut Hernández Dueñas ejected Sub.Liut. Escobar Amaya - did not survive Weber




Members of the LAAHS

Marco Lavagnino
Mario Alfaro
Milton Andrade


(if I inadvertently omit your name from this listing PLEASE let me know to amend the listing)


There are two confirmed ejections from salvadoran MD450 Ouragans:  
Ouragan FAS 708:  San Vicente, 18th August 1976, 11:45am, pilot Capt. Alfredo Rodríguez reports loss of elevator control, ejects successfully at 10,000 ft.
Ouragan FAS 710: La Paz, 15th July 1978, Liut Ricardo Ernesto Campos, engine failure minutes after take off from Ilopango Air Base, ejects al 500m, parachute doesn´t depoy, pilot killed.
  Ouragans seem to have been fitted with Martin Baker ejection seats by the Israelis, even though I don´t know the old french seat, maybe you can confirm with the attached picture, available at the Salvadoran Air force Museum site and their property, what the seat type was.  By the way, "San Miguel" was (and hase never been) a main Air Force Base in El Salvador but a secondary airfield.  Ouragans base was mainly Ilopango Airport (maybe "San Miguel" sounds more latin...).
But there were some A-37 ejections too:
A-37B FAS 420: 18th May 1983, test flight, engine failure over sea, pilots Liut Quiñónez & Liut Abrego eject safely.
A-37B FAS 429: 18th November 1989, pilot Capt. Milton Andrade, shot through chest by Drugonov AA, ejects succesffully, rescued by UH-1H.
A-37B FAS 431: 23rd November 1990, Liut Hernández Dueñas, Sub.Liut. Escobar Amaya, during bombing mission shot at wigh SAM missile, impacts right engine, only pilot manages to eject.
  There is another A-37 accident reported on the 16th June 1988, FAS 426, but I don´t have any detail on it.   Saludos,  Marco