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Chronological Listing of Romanian
Helicopter Losses & Mishaps
Early Romanian Losses and Bailouts
Losses & Ejections
Romanian Fixed Wing & Propellor Aircraft Losses

Date   A’cft Serial Unit/Base Crashed Crew
4th July 1963 Mil Mi-4 serial 5 99 Transport Regiment
Crash landed in Fagaras Mountains, Podragu valley due to a strong downdraft while surveying the route for the future "Transfagarasan" road. The helicopter was only a few months old and just partly damaged, so it was airlifted by a Soviet Mi-6 (Cherson unit) to Victoria railway station, from where it was sent to the USSR and repaired.


Major Vasile Iurascu
Major Constantin Stefanescu
 (civil aviation)
flight mechanic Aristide Stavros
 road engineer
all escaped with minor injuries


1970’s Sud Aviation SA.318 C Alouette II

c/n 2074

Bucharest   escaped unhurt
1976 Mil Mi-8T

c/n 10712

before 1989 SA 330L Puma 01 Otopeni Clipped a tree from the artillery parking area at Otopeni while attempting to land in fog on the apron in front of the hangars – instead of landing on the lighted runway. Pilot error.  
1988 IAR-330L Puma   58th Helicopter Regiment Sibiu

Two tail rotor blades were mounted inverted on maintenance. After take-off, while transitioning to forward flight, it crashed from several meters and caught fire

escaped unhurt
22/23 December 1989 IAR-330 L   61st Helicopter Regiment Boteni Lost to friendly fire: shot down by own air defences just above the airbase, while taking off to carry ammo to the paratroopers in Bucharest. Crew managed to crash land and escape before the helicopter blew up  
Capt. Emil Zamfir
flight engineer
all escaped unhurt

23 December 1989


IAR-330L Puma 72 58th Helicopter Regiment Sibiu Crashed on a hill near Alba-Iulia, in Alba county, after being shot at with a 7.62 mm machine gun  
Maj. Tudor Nicolae Cpt. Motica Victor Galaftion Stefan Gen. Constantin Vasile Nuta Gen. Velicu Mihalea

24 December 1989



IAR-330L Puma 89 59th Helicopter Regiment Tuzla Shot down (by a MiG-21 from the 86th Regiment based at Fetesti?); crashed between villages of Ion Corvin and Adamclisi in Constanta county  
Lt.Col. Eftimie Serghei Cpt. Enache Grigore Mihai Slt. Deleanu Gheorghe Slt. Petrea Stefan
Nov-Dec. 1993 Mi-8T 10 c/n 1026 94th Helicopter Group Alexeni Crashed due to icing on the way between Boboc and Alexeni, near Florica forest  
   crew    passengers -military personnel
Balescu unit commander at Alexeni
copilot flight engineer ??
all onboard were killed
6th January 1994 IAR-330L Puma 76
c/n 127
59th Helicopter Regiment Tuzla Crashed shortly after take-off on an emergency medical flight to Bucharest – probable cause is icing.

6 dead (pilot, co-pilot, nurse, patient, two relatives)


Majo Gatan Marcel
Major Donosa Stroe
patient's relative 1
patient's relative 2
flight mechanic
Six onboard were killed, with one survivor
20th September 1994 IAR-330L Puma   58th Helicopter Regiment Sibiu Hydraulic pumps failure Crew suffered burns, but survived

1st September 1995


Mil Mi-17 109
c/n 107M05
Police unit Baneasa Crashed near Mogosesti, in Iasi county 19 minutes after take-off from Iasi – hit a hillside while flying in fog  
Col. Aurel Florea -pilot Lt-Col. Alexandru Vasile – copilot Lt. Maistru Militar Silviu Paraschiv Gen-Maj. Ion Eugen Sandu Gen-Maj. Ion Bunoaica Col. Mihai Alexe
9th May 1996 IAR-330L Puma 04 58th Helicopter Group Sibiu Damaged in a hangar fire at Sibiu  
9th May 1996 IAR-330L Puma 12 58th Helicopter Group Sibiu Damaged in a hangar fire at Sibiu  
9th May 1996 IAR-330L Puma 19 58th Helicopter Group Sibiu Damaged in a hangar fire at Sibiu  
9th May 1996

Damaged in a hangar fire at Sibiu  
IAR-330L Puma 84 58th Helicopter Group Sibiu
9th May 1996 IAR-330L Puma 88 58th Helicopter Group Sibiu Damaged in a hangar fire at Sibiu  
1st July 1999

Alouette III


44 60th Helicopter Group Tecuci

Crashed at Podu Turcului, near Sascut, in Bacau county due to very strong local air turbulence, probably coupled with wrong recovery maneuvers.

Crew of 3 survived
16 August 2001
IAR-330 Puma SOCAT 95 61st Helicopter Group Boteni Crashed from 50 meters while performing aerobatics just above the base  
Pilot Cpt. Cdr. Mircea Ciuca injured to the spine, never flew again Cpt. Cristian Badea injured Maistru Militar Adrian Tudorache

7th April 2003


IAR-330L Puma





863rd Squadron based at Mihail Kogalniceanu Crashed due to icing, near the village Castelu, in Constanta county  
Cpt.Cdr. Ionel Tirca
863rd Squadron commander
Cpt. Ion Dinicu

Maistru Militar
Tiberiu Serban


29th January 2004


Alouette III


SApFA Boboc
206 Squadron

Crashed on a field 3 km away from the village Posta Calnau in Buzau county, due to bad weather – snow, during a meteo recon flight. It cought fire after the impact  
Lt.Cdr. Danut Dumitrache Lt.Cdr. Fanel-Viorel Belu

Maistru Militar principal
Constantin Plaiasu


24th October 2006


IAR-330L Puma VIP





90th Air Transport Base


903 Squadron


Crashed into Golesti artificial lake, in Arges county due to pilot error – misjudgment of the altitude due to sun glare at very low level flight over the water  

Cdr. Adrian Marinescu
CO of the 90th base
Lt. Adrian Cioarba

Maistru Militar
Constantin Hurchi


7 November 2007


IAR-330 Puma SOCAT

c/n 88

90th Air Transport Base
904/905 Squadron

rashed due to icing in the village Ungheni, in Arges county, on a night training sortie. It took off at 17.45 from Otopeni.

The helicopter cought fire after impact, only the electro-optical sensor and the extremity of the tail didn’t burn


Cdr. Nicolae Bucur

Lt. Ionel Craiu

Maistru militar cls. II Adrian Alexandru Ticea

19th June 2008 11.00 IAR-316B
Alouette III

Serviciul Roman de Informatii = Romanian Intelligence Service)
Delta Squadron

Crashed near Gradistea village, Giurgiu county after engine flame-out during hover from 10-15 metres, during an exercise. It caught fire on impact and was destroyed, except for the tail boom.
Pilot, co-pilot and a member of the anti-terrorist brigade survived, injured
Thursday 5th July 2012
shortly after 12.00 hours
IAR-316B Alouette III  
SApFA Boboc
206 Squadron
Crashed 5 km away from the base Crew of 3 and a student on board were killed    

Căpitan-comandorul Mitică Docuz Maistrul militar cls. I Cătălin Topoliceanu Maistrul militar cls. I Viorel Cojocaru Studentul Ştefan Coropeţchi

NOTE: names in red indicate that the person was killed in the accident

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