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List being compiled

1st Listing - lots of alterations and additions post 1995 to add when I can locate my other file box
Also date format in table to alter

 Chronological Listing of Philippine Air Force Ejections

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
1st December 1989
Philippine AF
F-5A 10501          
1st December 1989
Philippine AF
F-5A 65-10501          
11th March 1992
Philippine AF
S.211 07006            
20th April 1992
Philippine AF
S.211 07010
21st September 1992
Philippine AF
11th March 1993
Philippine AF
Augusta S.211   100 TW/ 103 TS
Fernando/Lipa City
Exploded in mid-air in Batangas province Instructor pilot Lachica ejected safely   Martin-Baker Mk.10L
Emma Oximoso ejected safely
Martin-Baker Mk.10L
22nd June 1995
Philippine AF
Marchetti S211     Became lost during gunnery training. Crashed at Baler, Aurora, after running out of fuel Pilot Demaclied Ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.10L
Pilot Mariquit Ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.10L
4th July 1995
Philippine AF
Marchetti S211     Crashed at Baler, Aurora, during Exercise SANAY-SIBAT 95 while en route from Basa AB to Wallace AS, San Fernando, La Union. Ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.10L
Ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.10L
18th August 1995
Philippine AF
OV-10A 67-14611 Bautista AB, Palawan Uncontrollable spin. Crashed into mangrove swamp near AFB      
Solo pilot killed    
6th January 1997
Philippine AF
F-5A 64-13308   Crashed performing aerobatics. Farmer on ground killed Pilot killed    
1st April 1997
Philippine AF
OV-10     engine problems during a post-maintenance test flight. Crashed  in the Toril district of Davao City,      
suffering only minor bruises.
suffering only minor bruises.
26th August 1998
Philippine AF
OV-10A 14681/681          
28th August 1998
Philippine AF
14th December 1998
Philippine AF
S.211 07009
19th March 2001
Philippine AF
OV-10A 792
15th Strike Wing, 16th Attack Squadron port engine failed at 1,000ft on approach to AFB crashed near Pampang      
Lt. Mary Grace Baloyo killed Captain Ben Nasayo ejected safely at 300ft, suffering only minor injuries NAA
14th January 2002
Philippine AF
S.211 07017
Thursday 2nd May 2002
10:45 a.m

Philippine AF
F-5A 21176 5th Fighter Wing. ?? Crashed in a village near Manila  into an elementary school building in Mabalacat town near the capital, injuring people on the ground. Pilot Captain Daniel Policarpio  killed    
July 2002   S.211     crashed in the northern Philippines, killing three people on the ground      
29th November 2003
Philippine AF
OV-10A 14681
23rd November 2005
Philippine AF
T-37 RPC-727          
23rd January 2006
Philippine AF
OV-10A 68-3830   en route to Clark AFB. Crashed in Paumbong, Bulacan province      
Pilot Aniano Amatong killed co-pilot James Acosta survived  
26th November 2007

Philippine AF
    One of two aircraft sent to help in the search  for 26 Filipino crewmen whose fishing vessel capsized Thursday in stormy weather. The aircraft is feared down off the western Philippine province of Palawan  near the Spratly Chain of Islands.     Martin-Baker
No news of the crew at present
Philippine AF

Sources: Philippines media; PAF; AFM