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                 Peru - Fuerza Aerea Peruana


List being compiled and all additions / amendments welcomed

   Chronological Listing of Peruvian Ejections

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
11th February 1954
Peruvian Air Force
Transport Aircraft     Crashed in the jungle while flying from Puerto Inca to San Ramon Air Base Eight on board killed    
10th April 1956

Peruvian Air Force
F-86F-25 Sabre   11th FS, Talara routine escort mission 2nd Roque A. Garcia-Guillern NAA
1st September 1960
Peruvian Air Force
Hunter       ejected   Martin-Baker
10th October 1961
Peruvian Air Force
Amphibious plane       six killed, one injured    
9th February 1962
Peruvian Air Force
T-37B 60-166         Weber
18th September 1962
Peruvian Air Force
T-37B 60-165         Weber
18th September 1962
Peruvian Air Force
T-37B 61-469         Weber
8th November 1963
Peruvian Air Force
Hunter       Lt. J. Pitaluga   Martin-Baker
15th March 1971
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage       ???   Martin-Baker
20th July 1975
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage       MAJ E. R. Lindley   Martin-Baker
22nd March 1977
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage       Capt. Vargas   Martin-Baker
Saturday 25th December 1979
Peruvian Air Force
      Crashed near the Brazillian border All 29 on board killed    
7th October 1983
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage       ??   Martin-Baker
7th January 1985
Peruvian Air Force
MB339     assumed two seat Mirage unless two Mirages collided ???? ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
19th March 1985
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage       ejected   Martin-Baker
11th March 1987
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage       ejected   Martin-Baker
28th April 1988
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage       MAJ J. Molina   Martin-Baker
18th May 1988
Peruvian Air Force
      assumed two seat Mirage unless two Mirages collided ???? ???   Martin-Baker
MAJ J. Avila   Martin-Baker
2nd June 1988
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage     assumed two seat Mirage unless two Mirages collided ???? EL.TNT L. Viale   Martin-Baker
Mr. M. Kolly   Martin-Baker
Wednesday 22nd June 1989 ???
Peruvian Air Force
??     crashed at night in the Andean highlands near the town of Tarma in central Junin Province 40 civillian passengers and crew killed    
10th February 1995
Peruvian Air Force
A-37     Shot down by Mauricio Mata flying Ecuadorian Kfir Commander Valladares   Weber
Captain Mendiola   Weber
  At 3:30 in the afternoon of 10 February 1995, four “Fitters” deployed to Chiclayo (770 Km North from Lima) took off towards Tiwinza, to conduct a precision attack. The flight took place in relative calm. The first pair dropped its weapons and began their return maneuver. All of a sudden, a voice called: “Leader, you’re on fire!”
The number one and his wingman had been hit by the abundant anti-aircraft artillery fire of that region. According to what other pilots present expressed, and based on the analysis of the remains of one of the Su-22s shot down (FAP-014) the aircraft were shot in their bellies, with fire from the position being attacked. FAP pilots, Comandante Victor Maldonado Begazo, and Mayor Enrique Caballero, proceeded to eject. The body of the first was found 15 days later, while from the second, there is no news up to this day.
Peruvian Air Force
Mirage ??
    Chiclayo ??    
30th March 1998
Peruvian Air Force
??     One engine had been shut down and the pilot was attempting to land. Crashed into a shantytown in the northern city of Piura. Civillian and aircraft fatalities Carrying villagers stranded by flooding
Tuesday 7th May 1998 Chartered from
Peruvian Air Force
Boeing 737   Occidental Petroleum Crashed in the Amazon jungle into a swamp and burst into flames three miles short of the airport at Andoas 87 people aboard,
13 injured survivors
December 2000
Peruvian Air Force
MiG-29       ??   K-36
13th March  2001 ?? or earlier
Peruvian Air Force
MiG-29 FAP 031   Chiclayo, 660 Km northeast from Lima, the capital of Peru Ricardo Garcia,   K-36
Thursday 25th May 2006
9:45 L

Peruvian Air Force

SU-22UM   Grupo 6
crash near the northern peruvian city of Chiclayo Mayor  Fap. Martín Cangahuala Allaín ejected
                                            photo la republica
Capitán Fap. David Castro Gómez ejected K-36



Members of the LAAHS

Wilson Garrido

Cesar Augusto Cruz

Tom Cooper

Members of ACIG

Jim Griffiths

Roque A. Garcia-Barreto


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Hello Mike.
I would like to contribute to your web site with the following story:

Testimony of an Ejection ocurred during air to air combat, between ecuadorean and peruvian fighters during the Cenepa's War of 1995.

Friday, Feb 10, 7 AM, Commander Valladares hasn't gotten any assignment for that day. Because of his rank of Base commander, He ordered to be included in a Combat mission planned over the Cenepa Valley, place, where, ecuadorean and peruvian military forces had been fighting for over a month already, over a territory's dispute that hasn't been solved for decades.

"A young pilot had to leave his place and give it to Me. I wanted to make an example".

That day, my mission was to drop bombs over an strategic point, where ecuadorean troops had establish their Base at Tiwintsa. We flew towards the determined place. At around 1:00 PM when we were near the target, We sppoted two ecuadorean KFIRS fighters, but even when this situation approached, We decided to continue and accomplish the mission, we got to the target and drop our bombs.

The KFIRS detected Us, making a sharp turn and coming directly towards our planes. Everything happen in a matter of seconds. The KFIRS were already chasing Us. I grabbed the controls of my A-37 and try to shake the KFIRS. I had to achieve the minimum altitud in order to enter in between the mountains and avoid to be shot down.

The KFIRS are much more fasters and eventually they reached Us. There was no escape!. I didn't have a choice, other than turn into the KFIRS in a head on collision course with them , in order to minimize my aircraft's profile and make the KFIR's target acquisition harder to obtain.

Suddenly, I saw a missile trail, I tryied to take an evasive action, but my plane got a direct hit. As a result, my plane's rudder was destroyed and also the engines suffered severe damage during the process.

My A-37 entered into an inverted spin, totally out of control. I thought about my Family and tried to regain control of the aircraft, with no avail.

I saw my copilot, Captain Mendiola being thrown out to the air. He had ejected!
I still wanted to save my plane. I really wished to control the plane and return to Piura, city where we were based.

I was watching the ground coming closer and closer as every second passed. Finally, I pulled the ejection handle.

I saw myself, hunging from the parachute, falling slowly towards the jungle. I couldn't see where my airplane had crashed. This was the the first time I had to jump from a plane. I wasn't scared. Instead, I had my mind occupied in how to survive this ordeal !

My first attempt to land was in a river, but the parachute took Me towards the river's banks, draggin Me into bushes, rocks and trees.

When I landed, my back hit some rocks that were on the ground. Anyway, it was a miracle that I was still alive!

Article by Commander Valladares.
Published on september 17 1995 by "La Republica" newspaper. Lima-Peru.


Wilson Garrido


Extra note from ACIG lists

last name

given name






Ecuadorian Air Force


2112Sq; claimed 1 Peruvian Sukhoi Su-22 on 10/Feb/1995 while flying Mirage F.1AJ (FAE-807)



Ecuadorian Air Force


2113Sq; claimed 1 Peruvian Cessna A-37B on 10/Feb/1995 while flying Kfir C-2 (FAE-905)



Ecuadorian Air Force


2112Sq; claimed 1 Peruvian Sukhoi Su-22 on 10/Feb/1995 while flying Mirage F.1AJ (FAE-806)

source - ACIG (Thanks to ACIG and Tom Cooper for allowing me to extract and use data from their web site to use in this project)


March 13 2001

Lima - A Mig-29 Fulcrum, belonging to the Peruvian Air Force, crashed las tuesday, during an aerial demonstration, when representatives from the peruvian Congress, were making an inspection in order to get the details about the real operational estate of the 18 planes, purchased to Bellarousse. The pilot ejected safely and suffered no injuries.

The accident ocurred in a peruvian air force base located in the city of Chiclayo, 660 Km northeast from Lima, the capital of Peru, where the congressmen went to investigate the origen of fraudulent bank accounts belonging to the former Peru's President's advisor, Vladimiro Montesinos. The congressmen wanted to verified the situation of the Mig-29s that according with some claims made by journalists, were purchased to Bellarousse by the President Alberto Fujimory's Gobernment, and might be inoperative.

More than 10 Mig-29s had flown during the demonstration that day, when the Fulcrum "FAP 031" that was being flown by the peruvian air force officer Ricardo Garcia, failed to gain altitude and crashed over an area nerby its own base.

The peruvian Mig-29 was making an attack manouver when it crashed. "I was surprised, confussed and sad. I don't know what had just happen " commented David Waisman, peruvian congressman, after the crashed.

The congressman, said short after that, the airplane began to fail over a populated area but the pilot was able to fly towards a desolated place and ejected before the collision.

The peruvian air force refused to give inmediate explanation about the crash, but it is pressume that was caused by technical failure.

David Waisman remembered that another Mig-29 crashed on last december. Another peruvian Mig-29 had crashed in Chiclayo in 1997, by then, the peruvian air force denied that it was a Mig-29 and said that the plane involved in that particular crashed was in fact a Mirage.

Minutes before the aerial demonstration, peruvian air force officers talked to the members of the Congress present there, that the peruvian air force had 21 Mig-29s: four were being repaired, one had crashed already due to bad weather and the other 16 planes were operational.

The latest Mig-29 crashed, brought serious doubts about their operational situation in peruvian service.


Lets, see, now Mirages, I have notice that those are more complete, anyway here what I have:

07/March/1983 Mirage F-1JA
Serial: FAE-810
Circumstance: Engine fire
Place: Near Taura
Unit : Squadron 2112
Base: Taura


21/Jan/1988 Mirage F-1JB
Serial FAE-832
Circumstance: ??
Place: ??
Unit: Squadron 2112
Base: Taura

I'm not complete sure about the serial but as far as I know that accident involved a two-seater.

The remaining information is basically the same already posted, two other crahsed that involved ejections, 1990 and 1992.

I would look around for further information abouth the other models




Lets see, Peru have had 7 Mirage two-saters, 5 Mirage-5 and 2 Mirage2000, currently the two M2000 are in service while I think two M-5DP are stored, so in the +30 years of service 3 M-5DPs must be written offs.

I dont know exactly that because I have just limited references about 1960's and 1970's I'm just looking aroud newspapers and stuff of the 80's to "complete" the incidents....and only then look around 60's/70's.

About the newer ones, there is not Dec/2000 Mig-29 accident, there are two of them, one in March13 2001 (already reported) and one in 02 December 1997 also with a succesfull ejection in the Naylamp Valley, 60km Noreast of Chiclayo, it was due pilot "situation disorientation" in a low level night flight.

I have a 18/May 1988 Mirage5DP reported but no ejections are involved as both pilots (dont know the names) died. I havent notice an accident in June 1988, are you sure is peruvian? has to be mirage?? maybe other plane? is very unlikely something like that happened since is usual that after a crash the operations of that type of planes is suspended for a few weeks until investigations confirm the exact causes of the crash.

Other accident (with ejections) that I remember is a Su-22 in July 22 1999 the pilot ejected after the engine stopped in the place called Quebrada Pariñas, near Talara. Also the January 1985 mid-air collision is with two MB-339s, in the sea near Pisco while practice some aerobatics manouvers, each plane had 1 pilot, both ejected and rescued latter. I remember also an incident with Tucano, 01 March 2001 (or 2002a T-27 crashed near Cañete after an engine fire during flight, both pilots ejected, also there is a known Canberra accident, in the southeast of Brazil while the plane was traveling from Peru to Argentina, the crew faced a storm and got lost finally they went out of fuel and ejected, but one of them died.

I would look aroung for further information. I have a full list of FAE inventory and incidents but I havent have the time to complete a similar document about FAP




Awesome Mike ! I am happy to help you with the excellent web page that You have created. I don't know if you noticed, but Virgilio Aray from Ecuador posted very interisting photos of a Mig-29 pilot and the wreckage.
About the peruvian crash of a plane in 1997 I found out that the peruvian government through the Air Force tried to lie about it. In fact was a Mig-29, but at that time they coudn't accept a failure in the purchase of such airplane because they were counting with those Migs to make a large scale attack to Ecuador in 1998. This has been recently revealed.

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