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Chronological Listing of Libyan Air Force
Losses & Ejections

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew photo seat
15th May 1973
Mirage IIIB     Unrecoverable flat spin. Crashed into the desert south of Tripoli, Libya    

Instructor Tahir Alam (Pakistan Air Force)
Captain ?? (Egyptian Air Force)
had multiple fractures on his legs
15th May 1973
Mirage 5D       ejected   Martin-Baker
July 1977 Libyan-Egyptian War
21st - 25th July 1977
21st July 1977
Mirage V     Claimed shot down by AAA in raid against Sallum      
21st July 1977
Mirage V     Claimed shot down by AAA      
22nd July 1977
Mirage V     shot by a SA-7      
24th July 1977
MiG-21 Fishbed     Claimed shot down by Egyptian Interceptors      
24th July 1977
Mirage     Claimed shot down by Egyptian Interceptors      
24th July 1977
Mirage     Claimed shot down by Egyptian Interceptors      
24th July 1977
Mirage     Claimed shot down by Egyptian Interceptors      
24th July 1977
MiG-23MS     Claimed shot down by Maj. Sal Mohammad      
24th July 1977
6-12 Mirages were    Nasser Air Base Claimed destroyed on the ground during Egyptian Air strike and heli-borne commandos      
10th April 1978
Mirage F1           Martin-Baker
Lt. Col. K Badiki Lt. Sagbir Martin-Baker
21st November 1978
MiG-25U Foxbat C     crashed into the  Mediterranean, 62 miles north-west of Tripoli     KM-1


Foxbat lost

A LIBYAN-based MiG-25U Foxbat C two-seat trainer crashed into the  Mediterranean, 62 miles north-west of Tripoli, on November 21. Both pilots ejected successfully but one drowned after landing. A Sicilian fishing vessel picked up the survivor and the body, and then sailed for Tripoli. The aircraft is thought to have crashed in at least 300ft of water, so salvaging by the Soviet Union or the West would be feasible. Two-seat versions do not, however, carry operational equipment, so a Nato recovery would be of limited value. Five Soviet-crewed reconnaissance Foxbats have been based in Libya since early last year and are used for surveillance missions over the Mediterranean.

The crashed aircraft is almost certain to have belonged to the same unit, since the type has never been supplied to a Warsaw Pact or non-aligned nation.

Originally based in Egypt, the Foxbat detachment moved out when President Sadat expelled the large Soviet training mission prior to the 1973 Yom Kippur war. Syria was the next temporary home, but political pressures prompted a move to Libya. In the early 1970s the Egyptian Air Force claimed to be operating Foxbat, but this was not true. Egypt now claims that the announcement was  made for propaganda purposes at the suggestion of the Soviet Union.

FLIGHT 2nd December 1978 p2002

?? March 1981
Mil Mi-24 Hind    

Crashed and burned on the runway at Ras^Lanuf airbase, Libya

No further information on the crew    
7th April 1981
Mirage       2.Lt. Reirhan   Martin-Baker
19 August 1981
Su-22 Fitter aircraft     shot down  with Sidewinder missiles from F-14 Tomcats from the carrier USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) over the Gulf of Sidra pilot ejected and rescued from the sea    
19 August 1981
Su-22 Fitter aircraft     pilot ejected and rescued from the sea    
?? ?? 1981
[Autumn - date needed]
Possibly 16th September

SF.260WL     Shot down over Sudan by Sudanese AAA      
15th November 1982
Mirage       ejected   Martin-Baker
ejected   Martin-Baker
6th August 1983
Sukhoi 22 Fitter
confirm ??
  Aouzou airstrip Claimed shot down by Chadian forces using an  SA-7 Grail manportable SAMover the northern oasis town of Faya- Largeau Major-Abdul-Salam-Sharaf-al
  Fate of the pilot is not known
  August 6, 1983 the Libyans lost their first jet aircraft in Chad.  On that day, while the positions of attack government troops group of 16 Su-22 successfully launched a rocket MANPADS "Strela" was shot down by one of the planes.  As reported, the pilot with the rank of Major ejected and was captured.
  On 24 January 1984, an oppositional column even raided the city of Ziguey, kidnapping two French citizens in the process. The raid provoked a fierce response from the French Air Force, however, during the retaliation strikes one Jaguar of the EC 11 was shot down over northern Chad and the pilot killed.

While officially explaining that the downed Jaguar was on a "reconnaissance mission", the French government was angered by the loss, and could not ingore the new situation. In reaction three battalions of the Foreign Legion were deployed along the 16th Parallel, in order to prevent any similar Libyan incursions in the future.
27th March 1984
Mirage       Lt. Salhen    Martin-Baker
26th October 1984
Mirage 5 Abd' al-Nasser Air Base, Al-Adam
16km south of Tobruk
Crashed near Tubruq [Tobruk] following hydraulic problems 1st Lt. Saleh Sharf Abdulwafi
ejected through the canopy
?? ?? 1985
IL-76M 5A-DKK          
18th February 1985
Mirage       Lt. S. S. K. Shabouni   Martin-Baker
28th May 1985
Mirage           Martin-Baker
Lt. Abdeffalam Lt. Nafib Martin-Baker
15th April 1986
IL-76M   5A-DZZ        
Monday 5th January 1987

MIG-23     Claimed shot down by Chadian forces near Fada in northeast Chad      
15th April 1986
IL-76M   5A-DLL        
Friday 20th March 1987
confirm ??

transport helicopter   Libyan air base of Ouadi Doum in northern Chad Claimed shot down by Chadian forces near the outpost of Bir Koura, about 28 miles south of the Libyan airfield      
Friday 20th March 1987
confirm ??

Italian-made Marchetti fighter aircraft   Libyan air base of Ouadi Doum in northern Chad      
8th September 1987
Tupolev Tu-22     Shot down during attack on Ndjamena  by French forces using Hawk missile over Ndjamena, the capital city of Chad      
8th September 1987
MiG-23 Flogger   Matan-as-Sarah Air Base Destroyed on the ground in an attack by Chadean Troops



MiG-23 Flogger          

MiG-23 Flogger          

Mil Mi-24 Hind          

Mirage F.1          

Mirage F.1          

Mirage F.1          

Mirage F.1          
4th January 1989
MiG-23 Flogger-E     2 Libyan MiG-23 Flogger-E intercepted USN aircraft in the Med. They were hot down with an IR-seeking Sidewinder and  a radar-guided Sparrow AAM fired by F-14 Tomcats from the carrier USS JOHN F. KENNEDY (CV 67) off the island of Crete in the Mediterranean pilot ejected   KM-1

MiG-23 Flogger-E     pilot ejected   KM-1


At about 5:00 a.m. EST (1000 GMT) today, two Libyan MiG-23 Flogger aircraft were shot down by two U.S. Navy F-14 Tomcat aircraft operating over international waters in the Mediterranean Sea. The shootdown occurred north northeast of al-Bumbah military airfield on the northern coast of Libya.

The Navy aircraft were operating from the aircraft carrier U.S. S. John F. Kennedy, which was conducting routine operations in the Mediterranean Sea as part of the U.S. 6th Fleet.

The Libyan aircraft approached the U.S. Navy aircraft in a hostile manner over international waters, and the Navy aircraft, acting in self-defense, fired airto-air missiles, downing both Libyan aircraft. Two parachutes were observed.


Recently the names of Libyans who were killed during the Libyan - Chad Conflicts have been released by General Alathal .

Using translation software the following is extracted from Arabic sources. Improvements in translation very much appreciated

Below are the names of Officers who I believe may have been killed in aviation related crashed or operations. Any further help in clarifying the information, and adding extra details such as dates very much appreciated.
The names of other ranks will be added when they can be obtained from arabic web sites.

This list will be updated and added to when new information is received.

Date Name Incident Location Original source
  Captain Ibrahim Sharaf Mohamed Saleh Al-Bitar plane crash during the operations area infidels Tripoli نقيب شرف إبراهيم محمد صالح البيطار سقوط طائرة بمنطقة الكفرة أثناء العمليات طرابلس
  Pilot Colonel Abubakar Saleh Abuhedimp   N'Djamena Benghazi عقيد طيار ابوبكر صالح ابوهديمة انجامينا بنغازي
  Submitted by the Pilot u Abubakar Abdul Rahman Al-Fahad     مقدم طيار ش ابوبكر على عبد الرحمن الفهد وادي الدوم م الجنوبية
  Colonel Ahmed Baraka Ahmed Ali Airport Sabha plane crash during operations Aouzou Tripoli عقيد أحمد بركة أحمد علي مطار سبها- تحطم طائرة أثناء العمليات أوزو طرابلس
  Pilot Colonel Ahmed Rahouma destroy an aircraft Haouissa Airport Sabha
 during operations Aouzou m Bank
عقيد طيار أحمد رحومة على هويسة مطار سبها /تحطيم طائرة أثناء العمليات أوزو م الغربية
  Pilot Colonel Ahmed Abdul Salam Mohammed Aljkhaoy destroy the plane Airport Sabha during operations Jochen Aouzou m Bank  عقيد طيار أحمد عبد السلام محمد الجخاوى مطار سبها /تحطيم طائرة ليوشن أثناء العمليات أوزو م الغربية
  Leading M'Hamed Ali Ramadan Ferjani Ilyushin plane crash
Airport Sabha during operations Aouzou Tripoli رائد امحمد علي رمضان الفرجاني مطار سبها تحطم طائرة اليوشن أثناء العمليات أوزو طرابلس
  Colonel Pilot Omdaoy Mahmoud Adam Almsnory   the Dome Valley Green Mountain عقيد طيار أمداوى محمود ادم على المصنورى وادى الدوم الجبل الاخضر
  Pilots honor of Colonel Gamal Mohamed Salem Alzeriqy Ogi   Observatory عقيد طيار شرف جمال محمد سالم الزريقى أوغي المرقب
  Pilot Colonel Jamal Mohammad Ali Deeb Ogi     عقيد طيار جمال محمد علي الديب اوغي عقيد طيار
  Colonel Engineer Hassan Bashir Abdul Jalil Laribi plane crash Sabha Airport  during operations west mountain Aouzou عقيد مهندس حسن عبد الجليل بشير عريبى تحطم طائرة مطار سبها أثناء العمليات أوزو الجبل الغربى
  Zarouk by Hussein Ali Mawla   crash area Obasha Gulf of Sirte مقدم حسين الزروق علي عبدالمولي سقوط طائرة بمنطقة أبشا خليج سرت
  Colonel honor Pilot Aldhuib Khalifa Mohammed Amer   N'djamena Mountain West عقيد شرف طيار الذويب خليفة محمد عامر أنجامينا الجبل الغربى
  Colonel Pilot Ramadan Juma Mohammed Howaidy   N'djamena m Bank عقيد طيار رمضان جمعة محمد هويدى أنجامينا م الغربية
  Zarouk honor Pilot Colonel Mohammed Abdulrahman Taboli plane crash during which the operations area of the Ibar Obasha Gulf of Sirte عقيد شرف طيار الزروق محمد عبدالرحمن الطبولي سقوط طائرة أتناء العمليات بمنطقة أيبار أبشا خليج سرت
  Pilot Colonel Saad Hussein Ibraim Drissi plane crash zone cherry Chad Benghazi عقيد طيار سعد حسين ابرايم الدرسي سقوط طائرة بمنطقة كرزو بتشاد بنغازي
  Pilot Colonel Saad Saad Karimi   carp during the clash with the Americans Albompa Bay 88 Green Mountain عقيد طيار سعد على سعد المبروك الكريمى أثناء الاشتباك مع الأمريكيين 88 خليج البومبا الجبل الاخضر
  Submitted honor Said Ibrahim Said Mashreqi plane crash in southern Chad Tripoli مقدم شرف سعيد ابراهيم سعيد المشرقي سقوط طائرة بجنوب تشاد طرابلس
  Colonel Said Pilot M'Hamed for Albscri   Airport Sabha during operations Aouzou Tripoli عقيد طيار سعيد امحمد صالح البسكري مطار سبها أثناء العمليات أوزو طرابلس
  Captain Abu Bakr plane crash in Addis Baba during the pro-Ethiopian people Observatory  نقيب شرف سلامة صالح أبوبكر سقوط طائرة بأديس بابا أثناء مناصرة الشعب الاثيوبى المرقب
  Pilot Colonel Suleiman Mohamed Farag Aelkezon plane crash during which the carrying out a reconnaissance combat in the south of Benghazi عقيد طيار سليمان فرج محمد القزون تحطم طائرة أتناء قيامه بعملية أستطلاع قتالي بالجنوب بنغازي
  Colonel Suleiman Mohammed Pilot M'hamed Ghashir plane crash during which the consultation process to meet the combat fleet Benghazi عقيد طيار سليمان محمد أمحمد بن غشير سقوط طائرة أتناء عملية أستطلاع قتالي لمجابهة الأسطول بنغازي
  Colonel Abdul Qadir navigator SANOUSI SANOUSI Aldbery plane crash airport Sabha during operations Aouzou Green Mountain عقيد ملاح السنوسى عبد القادر السنوسى الدبرى تحطم طائرة مطار سبها أثناء العمليات أوزو الجبل الاخضر
  Colonel Saleh Mohammed Abojeelp Alfaragy plane crash South Aouzou m عقيد صالح ابوعجيلة محمد الفرجى سقوط طائرة – اوزو م الجنوبية
  Pilot Colonel Abdul Salam Mohammed Sharaf Altibar   N'djamena, Tripoli عقيد طيار عبد السلام محمد شرف التيبار أنجامينا طرابلس
147. 147. مقدم شرف عبد الله عثمان الصغير الصيد سقوط طائرة أثناء مناصرة الشعب الاثيوبى طرابلس Submitted in honor of Abdullah Osman small fishing a plane crash during the pro-Ethiopian people, Tripoli
152. 152. مقدم شرف عبدالحميد سعيد الزروق المجريسي سقوط طائرة أثناء مهمة استطلاع بين أوزو والكفرة بنغازي Honor by Abdulhamid Saeed Zarouk Megreisi a plane crash during a reconnaissance mission between the infidels Aouzou and Benghazi
177. 177. عقيد طيار على جمعة عبد الله الشامس سقوط طائرة أثناء مناصرة الشعب الاثيوبى م الغربية Pilot Colonel Abdullah Ali Gomaa Shamis a plane crash during the Ethiopian people, pro-Western PM
184. 184. عقيد طيار علي عمار ضوء ابوزقية انجامينا عقيد طيار Colonel Ali Ammar Pilot light Aboezkip N'Djamena colonel Pilot
193. 193. رائد شرف على محمد على دادوه سقوط طائرة أثناء مناصرة الشعب الاثيوبى م الجنوبية Raed Sharaf Ali Muhammad Ali Ladadweh a plane crash during the Ethiopian people, pro-m South
201. 201. عقيد طيار عمار محمد عمار عبدالصمد انجامينا طرابلس Colonel Pilot Ammar Mohammed Ammar Abdessemed N'Djamena Tripoli
207. 207. عقيد طيار عمر ضوء عبدالحفيظ الجفال تحطم طائرة أثناء طلعة عمليات حربية طرابلس Pilot Colonel Omar Abdel Hafiz Alajafal light plane crashed during combat operations sorties, Tripoli
208.210. 210. رائد شرف عمران مصباح أبراهيم أبولموشة فايا خليج سرت Pilot lamp Amran Ibrahim Sharaf Obolmosp Faya the Gulf of Sirte
215. 215. عقيد طيار ركن فتحي السنوسي سعد الزاوي اوزو بنغازي Colonel Pilot Corner Fathi Saad al-Sanusi angular Aouzou Benghazi
216. 216. عقيد طيار فتحى زائد محمد العجيل تحطم طائرة / براك طرابلس Pilot Colonel Mohamed Fathy plus Ajeel plane crash / Barak Tripoli
217. 217. عقيد طيار فتحي علي العربي ابورقيقة السارة بنغازي Pilot Colonel Fathi Ali Arab Aborkiqp good Benghazi
230. 230. رائد شرف طيار فيصل عوض مفتاح ابوخولة سقوط طائرة بالسرة أثناء العمليات بنغازي The honor of leading a Pilot Faisal Awad key Abojulp Balsrp a plane crash during operations Benghazi
231. 231. مقدم طيار كمال أمحمد أبوالقاسم أبوصبع مطار سبها أثناء العمليات أوزو م الغربية By Pilot M'hamed Kamal Abul Qasim Obossba Airport Sabha during operations Aouzou m Bank
246. 246. عقيد طيار محمد امحمد احمد العطوي الحدود الشرقية عقيد طيار M'Hamed Pilot Colonel Mohammed Ahmed Atwi the eastern border of colonel Pilot
250. 250. عقيد طيار محمد جمال يوسف القرهمالي السارة عقيد طيار Pilot Colonel Mohammed Jamal Yousef Alqarhamali good Pilot, a colonel
252. 252. عقيد طيار محمد حسن عبد الهادى العجيلى أوزو م الغربية Pilot Colonel Mohamed Hassan Abdel-Hady Ajili Aouzou m Bank

259. 259. عقيد طيار محمد صالح أبو صاع الفكحال أوزو طرابلس Pilot Colonel Mohammed Saleh Abu saa Alvkhal Aouzou Tripoli
262. 262. عقيد طيار محمد عبد السلام خليل البكوش سقوط طائرة أثناء مناصرة الشعب الاثيوبى طرابلس Pilot Colonel Abdul Salam Mohammed Khalil Baccouche a plane crash during the pro-Ethiopian people, Tripoli
268. 268. عقيد ملاح محمد عثمان محمود المغربي سقوط طائرة أثناء تنفيذ مهمة لقصف انجامينا طرابلس Colonel Mahmoud Mohammed Othman navigator Moroccan plane crash during the execution of a mission to bomb Tripoli N'Djamena
269. 269. عقيد طيار ش محمد على الامين جمجوم أنجامينا الجبل الغربى U Pilot Colonel Mohammed Jamjoom N'djamena, the secretary of the mountain west
271. 271. عقيد طيار محمد على أمحمد جرمة سقوط طائرة – أوزو م الغربية Colonel Mohamed Ali Pilot M'hamed Garma plane crash - AAouzou m Bank
283. 283. مقدم شرف طيار محمد محمد المهدى كريدان انجامينا الجبل الغربى Author honor Pilot Mohamed Mohamed Mahdi Kredan N'Djamena, the western mountain
284. 284. عقيد طيار محمد محمود راغب عبدالونيس مطار جوبا بالسودان/ تحطم طائرة أثناء العمليات بنغازي Pilot Colonel Mohamed Mahmoud Ragheb Abdalones Juba Airport in Sudan / plane crash during operations Benghazi
285. 285. عقيد طيار متطوع محمد محمود علقم سقوط طائرة أثناء العليمات بأحداث الجنوب بنغازي Volunteer Pilot Colonel Mohamed Mahmoud Alqam A'erat a plane crash during the events of the south of Benghazi
286. 286. عقيد طيار محمد مسعود العزومى محمد تحطم طائرة مطار سبها أثناء العمليات أوزو الجبل الغربى Colonel Pilot Mohamed Masoud Mohamed Aezzomy plane crash airport Sabha during operations west mountain Aouzou
287. 287. رائد شرف محمد مصباح أحمد الحسناوي انجامينا رائد شرف Raed Sharaf, Muhammad Misbah Ahmed Hasnawi N'Djamena Pilot honor
288. 288. عقيد طيار محمد مصباح علي الراجحي سقوط طائرة في الكاميرون أثناء العمليات طرابلس Pilot Colonel Mohammed Ali Al-Rajhi light plane crash in Cameroon during the operations Tripoli
292. 292. عقيد طيار محمود عبد الحميد بك درنة ميوتو بتشاد طرابلس Colonel Mahmoud Abdel-Hamid Pilot your tuber Mioto Chad Tripoli
293. 293. عقيد طيار محمود كحلول على كحلول أنجامينا م الغربية Colonel Mahmoud Pilot as solutions as solutions to the N'djamena m Bank
301. 301. عقيد طيار مراد سعد عبد الله شادى تحطم طائرة / براك طرابلس Pilot Colonel Saad al-Abdullah Murad Shady plane crash / Barak Tripoli
302. 302. عقيد شرف طيار مرعي علي سعد المبروك انجامينا بنغازي Mari honor Pilot Colonel Ali Saad carp N'Djamena Benghazi
317. 317. مقدم طيار مصطفي محمد أحمد الجماعي منطقة قريدة خليج سرت By Pilot Mustafa Muhammad Ahmad collective Gereida the Gulf of Sirte
340. 340. مقدم شرف طيار ناجى رجب زائد الفوناس خليج سرت اشتباك مع القوات الأمريكية م الغربية Author honor Pilot Nagy Alfonas July plus the Gulf of Sirte clash with U.S. forces m Bank
344. 344. عقيد نجيب ضوء ميلاد عبد المولى تحطم طائرة / براك طرابلس Colonel Najib Abdel Mawla birth of the light plane crash / Barak Tripoli
347. 347. عقيد طيار نور محمد نصر الرقيق حادث طائرة في اثيوبيا أثناء مناصرة الشعب الأثيوبي طرابلس Colonel Pilot Noor Mohammad Nasr slave plane crash in Ethiopia during the Ethiopian People's Advocate Tripoli
353. 353. نقيب شرف الهاشمي علي حسين المريمي سقوط طائرة بأديس أبابا اثيوبيا طرابلس Captain Ali Hussein al-Hashemi honor Marian plane crash in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia Tripoli
354. 354. عقيد طيار وليد فائز محمد عبدالكريم منطقة اوزو بنغازي Colonel Pilot Waleed Fayez Mohammed Abdulkarim Aouzou region of Benghazi
355. 355. عقيد طيار يوسف أحمد أحمد الغواوي مطار سبها أثناء العمليات أوزو طرابلس Pilot Colonel Yusuf Ahmed Ahmed Algwaui Airport Sabha during operations Aouzou Tripoli
356. 356. عقيد طيار يوسف التائب محمد التوبالي الحدود الشرقية طرابلس Pilot Colonel Yusuf Mohamed Taib Toubali the eastern border of Tripoli
362. 362. عقيد طيار يونس محمد خليفة الغول سقوط طائرة أثناء العمليات بتشاد طرابلس Colonel Pilot Younis Mohammed Khalifa al-Ghoul plane crash during operations in Chad Tripoli


12th December 1989
SF260WL 481          
22nd December 1992 Libyan Arab AF MiG-23UB Flogger     Crashed 15km from Tripoli Airport after mid-air collision  at 3500 feet with
Libyan Arab Airlines Boeing 727-2L5 5A-DIA. All 159 on 727 were killed.
Pilot Ejected Co-Pilot Ejected KM-1
?? October 2007
Libyan Air Force
IL-76TD 5A-DNQ   damaged      
Wednesday 7th October 2009
11:06 a.m. local time

Libyan Air Force
MiG-23UB ?? 8243 1023 Interceptor Squadron
Umm Aitiqah


 Ma’atiqa International Airport


Taking part in the Third Libyan Aviation Exhibition (LAVEX 2009).  The aircraft was flying at a low level  when it nose dived and crashed hitting a one-storey house in the Souk-el-Jumaa [Friday Market] district in a suburb of the Libyan capital Tripoli. Several injured on ground  
photo: Matthias Winkler
Colonel  Yahya Ahmed Hassan al-Hamidi
Colonel Najib Mohammed Ashour