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Chronological Listing of Indonesian Air Force
Losses & Ejections

23rd May 1960
Indonesian Air Force
Mitchell     Crashed at a military airfield near Jakarta All four on board killed    
13th April 1963
Indonesian Air Force
MIG-19     Crashed during aerial display to celebrate Indonesian Air Force day at Jakarta. The show was being attended by resident Sukarno and Liu Shao-chi, head of state of Communist China      
13th February 1981
Hawk       ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.10
20th February 1981
Hawk       ejected   Martin-Baker Mk.10
15th June 1992
F-16B Block 15AF OCU TS-1604
3 sqn Crashed in East Java province, Indonesia pilot ejected safely   ACES II
10th March 1997
13:30 hours

Indonesian AF
Block 15AG OCU
3 sqn
Halim AB
Returning from routine mission. Landing in bad weather crashed near air base. Captain Dwi Sasongko killed   ACES II
29th March 2002
0810 (0110 GMT).

Indonesian Air Force
Hawk MK 53 BLUE JUPITER aerobatic team Iswahyudi Air Force base In collision with another Hawk 53 crash occurred near Iswahyudi Air Force base in Madiun, about 600 kilometres (375 miles) south-east of Jakarta      
killed killed  
29th March 2002
0810 (0110 GMT).

Indonesian Air Force
Hawk MK 53 BLUE JUPITER aerobatic team Iswahyudi Air Force base      
killed killed  
1st December 2004

Indonesian AF
Block 15AE OCU
3 sqn
Halim AB
Ran-off the runway at Hasanuddin Airport   no ejection ACES II
21st November 2006
Hawk Mk209 TT-0207 Skadron Udara 12

Crashed landing at Pekanbaru Air Base/Sultan Sarif Kasim II Airport, Indonesia aircraft skidded off the runway after landing

Mayor Pnb Dadang ejected safely

  Martin-Baker Mk.10
Monday 21st July 2007
9:20 a.m.

Indonesian Air Force
OV-10 Bronco   Abdurrahman Saleh Air Force Base Engine problem just after take-off      
Instructor Maj. Danang Setyobudi ejected Flight student Second Lt. Eliseus Quintarunmiarsa was killed NAA
Sunday 30th December 2007
Indonesian Air Force
      Pilot attempted an emergency landing in the sea. crashed in bad weather into the sea off Aceh Four killed    
27th June 2008
Indonesian Air Force
      disappeared during a surveillance mission over dense jungle carrying 18 people, including 3 foreigners    
Monday  6th April 2009

Indonesian Air Force
Fokker F-27


Husein Sastranegara Air Force Base, Bandung, 110km southeast of Jakarta Regular training flight. Crashed  into a hangar and exploded in heavy rain while returning from a parachuting training session.
Indonesian Military (TNI) chief Gen. Djoko Santoso said at the State Palace the accident was caused by bad weather. A crosswind hit the plane. The plane was then lifted and crashed [into the hangar], he said. He added there was no human error or technical factor involved in the crash.
  6 crew members and 18 special forces parachutists were killed
   Aircraft Crew Members

Capt I. Gede Agustirta Santosa
Lieutenant Yudho Pramono
co-pilot ?
2nd Lt. (Eng) Dadang Setiono
2nd Sgt Bakhtiar 2nd Sgt  Maskarebet Karebet 2nd Lt. (Eng) Rahmat Suryono
Pilot Kapten Pnb
I Gede Tirta S
Co Pilot Lettu Pnb
Yudho Pramono
Teknisi Letda Tek
Dadang Setiono
JMU Serda Bakhtiar JMU Serda Maskarebet Teknisi Letda Tek
Rahmat Suryono
Air Force's Special Forces (Paskhas)  [466th battalion] [Bravo Anti-terror Detachment]
1st Lt. Baso Nai ?? Richie Desipratika 1st Lt. Wahyu Nanik Sardi 1st Lt. Dhani Ariadi Private Abdul Kadir Private Faisal Reski
Lettu Psk Baso Nai Letda Psk Richie Desipratika Lettu Psk Wahyu Nanik Sardi Lettu Psk Dhani Ariadi Pratu Abdul Kadir Prada Faisal Reski
Sgt Erwan Susanto Private  Ari Purwanto Private Didik Kurniawan Private  M Imron Private Teguh Widodo Private  Danang Tetuko M
Serda Erwan Susanto Pratu Ari Purwanto Pratu Didik Kurniawan Pratu M Imron Pratu Teguh Widodo Pratu Danang Tetuko M
Private Darmanto ?? Didik Cahya ?? Heru Kustanto ?? Ibnu Setiawan ?? Erwin Agus Untoro ?? Dedi Jati Kuncoro
Pratu Darmanto Prada Didik Cahya Prada Heru Kustanto Prada Ibnu Setiawan Prada Erwin Agus Untoro Prada Dedi Jati Kuncoro
  The information is based on translated Indonesian media sources. Amendments and corrections are welcomed to improve the accuracy (especially ranks) of the details and names of those who lost their lives.
Some crew photos have appeared in the Indonesian media
   In the hangar owned by PT Dirgantara Indonesia PTDI (formerly Industri Pesawat Terbang Nusantara) were four aircraft and one helicopter undergoing maintenance. These included
Boeing 737 [Adam Air]
Boeing 737 [ Batavia Air] [minor damage]
NC 212-200 [Deraya Air Service] - smashed wing
Robinson Helicopter [police]
Thursday 24th June 2010
15:30 (local)

Indonesian Air Force
KT-1B Woong Bee Ngurah Rai International Airport, Denpasar, Bali   Crashed during landing and burned at the airport
Early reports that there was a Mid air with another aircraft have been dismissed by oficial sources
  Martin-Baker Mk.16
Lt. Col. Ramot Sinaga
head injury
Maj. Gen Rachmat Budiyanto
[Udayana Military Command chief]
leg injuries
Thursday 21st June 2012
2.45 pm (5.45pm AEST)

Indonesian Air Force
Fokker F-27 A-2708 2nd Squadron
Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base
Crashed into military housing complex in Jakarta during landing approach about 1.5 kilometres from the runway. 7 on board killed. Ground fatalities and injuries    
Maj. Hery
First Lt. Paulus
student pilot
Second Lt. Syahroni
Capt. Agus Haryadi Maj. Sgt. Sipu Mulanto First Sgt. Mulyadi First Sgt. Purwanto


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