Targets in the Iran - Iraq Conflict 1980 - 1988

Dukan Power-Station, Iraq

This aerial photograph was taken on  22nd September 1980 (29.07 1359)  by an IRIAF RF-5E belonging to TBF-2 piloted by Col. Daneshpoor.

In the picture of  Dukan Power Station you can see the shadow of RF-5E in the lower  right corner of image.

On 23rd September 1980 two F-5E's piloted Capt. Mostafa Ardestani (leader) and wingman Lt. Raiisi attacked the target.

Raiisi's F-5 engine caused problems and despite both pilots delivering their bomb load the power station remained active

This target was later attacked, hit and destroyed by four IRIAF F-5E's

 The City of Khanegheyn and it's Railway Bridge


An aerial reconnaissance photograph of the Arbil west bridge

A few hours after this photo was taken the bridge was attacked and destroyed by two Iranian F-5Es