Anti Aircraft Defences in the Iran - Iraq Conflict 1980 - 1988

Iranian Air Defence:
Surface to Air Missile

The HAWK is a radar guided "surface-to-air missile" SAM defence weapon  that was developed and manufactured by the  Raytheon Corporation during the 1960s to provide surface-to-air missile defence of assigned areas against low and medium air attack.

During the Iran - Iraq Conflict it proved very successful against Iraqi aircraft and on at least one occasion an Iranian fighter by error.


Iraqi Air Defence:
Surface to Air Missile

This aerial photograph clearly shows SAM's being launched against an Iranian RF-4E

The photo was taken  on 13th January 1981 in the north-west of Ahwaz city in Khoozestan province.

The SA-2 launcher fired two SAM-2 at the Photo Recconnaissance Phantom
Using Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) the pilot, who had recorded the SAM's at the launch time, disabled them.
The jet landed safely at it's AFB a short time later.


Not all Iranian aircraft would be so fortunate.




An Iraqi SA-2 fired at an IRIAF jet.
Date unknown
Outcome unknown