Iraq Air Force

Mirage F-1 EQ


4th April 1988

Two un-identified Iraqi Pilots

One of the two Iraqi Mirage F-1 EQ pilots captured on the 4th April 1988 undergoing medical treatment


4th April 1988
(14 Farvardin 1367)

Two low flying Iraqi Mirage F-1 EQ fighter bombers entered Iranian territory flying  across the city of Shahin Shahr with the clear intention to attack the Ishfan Refinery

They were detected at 13:58 the Iranian  air defence radar reported that the  two jets were flying at  at 200ft. AGL and directed air defences to intercept them.

Four minutes later at 14:02 the leader was hit by 35mm and the pilot ejected and became POW

Moments later the wingman was shot down about 20km from city of Isfahan.

This pilot was also captured and became a POW.