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 Iranian Air Force History
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Colonel Ahmad Khan Nakhjavan
Breguet -19



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F 13 in Teheran, Persia
possibly part of an Exhibition sent to Tehran

A postcard posted in Düsseldorf, Germany July 1926 produced by the Junker's Company

Detail from the postcard showing an early Junker's Ju F13 aircraft

The two Ju F13s were known as "Gilan" and "Mazanderan"
The funds to buy the two aircraft from Germany  in 1921
(date needs verifying) had been raised by the people of the Caspian Sea, Gilan-Mazanderan Provinces in northern Iran,  following an appeal by the Iranian Prime Minister Reza Shah Pahlavi (later to become His Royal Highness, the Shah)

(Can anyone identify the officer on the horse ?)

Detail from postcard, note the De Havilland DH-4 aircraft. These were produced in Russia



                                                                                                                                                                                           source: The AEROPLANE, 25th March 1933, p. 506