Indian Air Force  

Mikoyan MiG-27M


12th June 2000

Kalaikunda Air Base
Squadron Leader Al Joshi

Monday 12th June 2000

Squadron Leader Al Joshi 's MiG-27 took off from Kalaikunda Air Base early in the morning on a routine sortie to the Dudhkumar Range.

At 7:30am ground control detected a fire in the rear of the aircraft and alerted the pilot when it was over Birdhoi village.

With his aircraft becoming more uncontrollable Joshi had little choice but to eject when his MiG-27M was over Rohini Village, West Bengal.

The aircraft fell on an unoccupied hut. Two local villagers were injured. Sqn. Ldr. Joshi suffered serious injuries.


photo via Rijul Joshi


  Details were  provided by Rijul Joshi, Group Captain Joshi's son. Photograph used with permission