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               Honduras - Fuerza Aérea Hondureña (FAH)

List being compiled and all additions / amendments welcomed

   Chronological Listing of Honduran Ejections

Date Air Force A'cft Unit / Serial based crashed crew seat photo
??? 1976-78
F-86E       Capt. Santos Valladares attempted ejection but due to seat malfunction bailed out   NAA
15th August 1981

Super Mystère SMB-2     Landed in the water, 1 mile from the beach, near Tela, Honduras Capt. Medardo Peña ejected   Martin-Baker
Super Mystère SMB-2     complete engine
failure on a practice gunnery pass - landed inland
Francisco Zepeda Andino ejected   Martin-Baker
 EMB-312 Tucano     near Comayagua Lt Avalos dies after ejecting    
Lt. Mejia ejected    
23rd July 1987
Super Mystère SMB-2 2010   taking off from LCE crashed after take off due to mechanical failures Lt. Estrada died after he ejected at almost 0 feet    
3rd June 1999
F-5E FAH 4004   near the coast of Honduras just outside LCE Maj. Ochoa ejects    
EMB-312 Tucano     over Comayagua A pilot dies after mysteriously being ejected. The other pilot lands the aircraft and says he never knew the other pilot had ejected    
date needed
A-37B       Pilot Lt. Cardona ejected Weber  
Observer Lt.Col. Marco Tulio Rivera ejected Weber  
The A-37 ejection was around 1989 and the pilot's name was Lt. Sanchez.

This is one of the A-37s that collided that day(Oct. 3rd) during the Soldier's Day parade.

There's was another accident in San Pedro Sula a few years back when 3 technicians died when the ejection seat from an F-86 activated while being removed from the aircraft


As far as I know in 2001 there was no A-37B lost, two lost in 1987 and another in 1984


Sincere thanks to

Colonel Francisco Zepeda Andino FAH (retd)


Jorge Doblado


Members of the LAAHS

(if I inadvertently omit your name from this listing PLEASE let me know to amend the listing)


Dear Mike,

The FAH F-5E you mentioned is the FAH 4004, crash date is June 3, 1999.

As far as I know in 2001 there was no A-37B lost, two lost in 1987 and another in 1984.



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