Andronis  Athanasios


Captain Athanasios Andronis
Captain Αθανάσιος Ανδρώνης
Hellenic Air Force

Ejected 16th October 1985

Wednesday 16th October 1985 


Hellenic Air Force
Πολεμική Αεροπορία, Polemikí Aeroporía

336 Μοίρα Βομβαρδισμού
116 Σμηναρχία Μάχης
336 MB Squadron 116 Combat Battalion

Araxos Air Base, Greece


Aircraft:Lockheed F-104G Starfighter

Callsign: Olympos Green

During a low altitude training gunnery attack mission in the Palaioxora butts near to Araxos airbase, a safety pin inside the engine failed destroying the compressor blades. This resulted initially in fire and later explosions with debris penetrating the fuselage.

Efforts were made to climb up from 400’ feet and return safely at Andravida Military Air base.

 The plane began to turn upside down due to gases coming from the side of fuselage because of the explosion.

After repositioning the plane to a horizontal attitude three times the decision was made to eject.

The pilot pulled the side handle to activate the ejection process.

 The Starfighter crashed at Savalia Ilias

Ejected 2800 feet, 300 knots horizontal attitude over farmland at Palaiochori, Purgos Ilias, Greece.

Conditions: clear sky with  strong winds

Temporal distortion experienced

Lockheed C-2 ejection

  Photograph  via Haris Andronis  - used with permission
Squadron Badge